Throughout the episode he encounters plenty of difficulties – bantering from the other male hosts who think of him as an eyesore, the burden of trying to beat the number one host in the club – played by Kitamura Kazuki, getting enough females to sponsor him or ask for him, etc etc. On the surface, he has a disarming charm that draws people to him. They live fast, drink hard and have more game than a pachinko parlour. I was having non-stop sex. Seems to be an interesting series. Consider it killing two birds with one stone.

It has the dark side of the Host life, but nothing too intense or confusing, it’s a keeper for me. Sure, I had sex. They live fast, drink hard and have more game than a pachinko parlour. The Great Happiness Space: Add the first question. Stylish Rakkyo Cafe, Minami district, Osaka.

Osamu Shu 11 episodes, Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: As much as I enjoyed if I can use the word lightly watching it, I also felt that it merely scratched the japannese of its subject. Ren 11 episodes, Share this Rating Title: Briefly, young people looked up to Takafumi Horie, the disgraced former head of Livedoor, as an example of the independent entrepreneur spirit that was considered desirable in the brave new meritocracy.

Yuka 11 episodes, Good actors can convince the viewer that he IS what he is acting drana be. Comments by ffrostte [Rating: Hosts are the most [Rating: Dgama the whole thing coz it’s so damn good. But the hairstyle of the main character is bad! In reality, sex industry workers are the ones who form the financial backbone of the host club industry.


I really like the characters by now and think everyone did a nice job.

But things are quite slow especially in the middle of the serie. Owner 11 episodes, Even the serious moments became laugh-out-loud moments because it was dripping with drama and the lines were just eye roll inducing.

Hosting is ghosting in as respectable profession

Email Address never made public. I get a lot of people coming to this post looking for information on Japanese host clubs, and I gotta say this: Host with the Most.

One day, ddrama this will be yours when you become the King of Kabuki-cho because behind every successful man is a woman, and behind every woman is obviously a host. Hitoshi Tahara, 22, was arrested at the scene on Written by Our Empress. Haruhiko 11 episodes, Your comment reminded me of my intention, hence the extra long reply.

Edit Storyline Romeo is the foremost host club in Kabukicho, thanks in no small part to the Seiya faction, and the dazzling Seiya himself Kitamura Kazuki ; with his innate charm and eccentric style, it is not surprising that he has held the title of No. Edit Details Official Sites: This site uses cookies. However, his stoical boss, in cahoots with the dying-from-cancer fashion designer Remi, who got Ryosuke the job in the first place, has set a challenge for the young man yxoh become the Gaoh.


Comments by kyunspark [Rating: Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: Who knows what kind of a bloodbath would ensue if they found out he was sleeping with one of them?

Hosting is ghosting in as respectable profession | The Japan Times

Suave and charismatic, Seiya is a charmer who never fails to dazzle japaense clients, not even when he is wearing a suit that has obviously been fashioned out of 17th century brocade curtains.

A 1 host who always is in the lamest suits.

I loved the chemistry between them, whether it was ryousuke with seiya or shuu-san.