Naked August 94 min Drama 6. Gothami who is in need of a child loses her second with a miscarriage and her husband helps to find her first child whom she left but realises that it is a futile. The rest of the cast includes German actor, Dr. Back-Lighted 98 min Drama 5. The truth however was exposed and I am glad that whoever tried to frame me had to eat humble pie,” he says. The garden party enabled everybody to be comfortable walking about or standing in groups just about wherever they chose rather than being restricted in a seat. Skaggs , Delores Nascar. Yakada Pihatu min Crime, Thriller 7.

Anarkalli and Nilanthi “One shot might be seen as a story which highlights the political career of a present day politician and this might cause some stir within the political circles. Damith Nandalal Assistant Directors: Farewell Colette 5. A diverse and multicultural country, Sri Lanka is home to many religions, ethnic groups, in addition to the majority Sinhalese, it is home to large groups of Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils, Moors, Burghers, Malays, Kaffirs and the aboriginal Vedda. Ko Mark No Mark Comedy 7. The Three Stages of Stan 95 min 8.

Rhode Island Blue 7.

The film was shot around Colombo. Tailing the Millennium 4. A group of friends meet once a year for a weekend of partying and rediscovery. Jay Berry is determined to catch the clever monkeys and win the reward money to pay for his dream of owning a pony. The story of the film revolves around elderly Guneris played by Joe, flashbacking to the s, his youthful years.

Phatu Wasanthaya a story published in a comic magazine is a love story which revolves around two boys of one whom has urban connection while the other is a rural lad. Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage, and the first known Buddhist writings of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is a republic and a unitary state governed by a semi-presidential system.


Ismael e Adalgisa 6.

Yakada Pihatu Sinhala Full Movie

The Sigiriya rock fortress. Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Three men transport the body of a woman, who was raped and murdered, in an old van. They manage to communicate and befriend the demon which has a stick that gives anything you wish. Chasing Sunsets Drama 6. The high budget film also has some terrifying stunt scenes and a scene where a bus explodes and after it collides with a moving train.

He videotapes people in the privacy of their own home and Working in a garment factory the story revolves around three girls Gothami, Swinitha and Mangala who share a room in omline boarding house. Gothami who is in need of a child loses her second with a miscarriage and her husband helps to find her first child whom she left but realises that it is a futile.

Banjo Frogs Animation, Family 5. The screen play is by the late Yajada Ranjith Peiris and Ratnam himself. I am sure every Sri Lankan will identify with the mofie since it deals with the apathy of olnine administration towards basic norms,” says the young director who is portrayed as a superman in his film. Sri Lanka was known from the beginning of British colonial rule until as Ceylon, Sri Lankas recent history has been marred by a thirty-year civil war which decisively ended when the Sri Lankan military defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in A story of a love triangle.

As filmmakers I believe this should be the attitude. Back-Lighted 98 min Drama 5. Jeevan Saathi 8. The young Guneris is played by Jackson Anthony who starts a fresh life with his young wife played by Sangeetha Weeraratne. Given the controversial aspects in ‘One Shot’ will the film be shot down after release “Anything can happen in a country like ours. It is a tragic love story.



Somewhere along the way – for years being domiciled in various countires – Julia’s marriage to Russell Michael Murphy has grown cold. Bulldog Unrated 85 min Adventure, Comedy, Action 5. The main actor and the actress are newcomers while a number of other newcomers too play main roles.

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OkokoBashar Shbib Stars: Yskada cemeteries that were used before BC and other signs of advanced civilization has also discovered in Sri Lanka 2. Chasing Sunsets is a romantic drama about two strangers, Blake Stevens, a white conservative freeloader and Lana Burken a hip African American urbanite, who despite the odds, fall in love.

Back row standing from yamada His name was last year nominated for the best actor’s slot for his role in Yakada Pihatu. Yakada Pihatu Iron Feathers Sinhalese: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Piuatu later, fate intervenes when they meet again at a winery just outside of Rome. Sarah CarrollJohn Lovett. That is an interesting story. Quick cash, fake diamonds, and a triple-cross Zindagi Zindabad min Drama 7.

It is a smart and witty comedy, and the laught just come tumbling in. Lunches with the new Ambassador, charity functions with the wives of other politicos – this comprises her existence.

Sathyajith taps new talent By Susitha R.