Their two worlds collided quite literally when they met through a paragliding accident. Playful and mischievously flirty. I did, maybe because I was also stuck with the job I was not expecting to have, and maybe because when I and my girls grew up, our priorities changed as our problems became harder. It might have not hit my love movie palate but who knows you might like the ride? It was another sad first-love film, and I liked seeing the kdrama actors in a sort of reunion in this production. I recently started watching Korean movies and in last 1 week i watched sassy girl, classic, frozen flower, he was cool, my little bride, a moment to remember, daisy, secret love, changing partners, madeline, love me not, seducing mr.

Coming from a man who gets a dose of kdrama addiction each night, i really appreciate it nick… take care. How a band of thieves execute their premeditated plan to procure a tantamount ice stock and transport it to another storage is for you to watch or read on my blog. I do hold out that some day somewhere is the right person for me and believe me when i say that due to this i am, lets say, different from most. You will learn how dark and twisted a person can be all because of an emotional trauma and love. Good thing i chanced upon your blog, very helpful. If you really like watching Kdrams or movies then I REALLY recommend this web site so bookmark it its east to use just click the show from the list and embedded videos appear from different sources ie youtube etc just click start and it streams it and above the video theres numbers representing each part of the movie once 1st part if finished just click the part 2 and play again..

Nice Guy, Sang yeol, has been loving pretty woman, So-yeon, from his work place. A case of love gone crazy… hmmp! Kim Hye Su played partnee role of a widow who rented the second floor of her house to Han Su Kyung to help in their financial problem. I have prepared myself that it could be a dragging narrative since it is already a year old movie but the fetching capturing of the scenes parther vibrant emotions is a must watch for film majors and critics.


It ended without me being immersed on it. Are you an asiatorrents member?

She was only 31 at the beginning of the movie and she was considered OLD. I also like hyun bin, my favorites of him aside from secret garden would be my lovely samsoon and worlds within. The flashes from the past was explained in the end but I already know what has been going except for the reversed reincarnation trick.

I tried some of the movies listed here and they were so nice. Years of watching Dexter and Criminal Minds, I thought I have all of it figured out when it comes to socio and psychopaths, but this movie surprisingly amazed and amused me.

The cast ensembles did their respective job in keeping up with the sunny vibe and upbeat tone throughout the movie. Nothing fancy just pure display of how twenties date kind of movie. Or drinking what looks like hard liquor out of beer bottles that is poured into shot glasses. This was a blithe tale of accepting who you are and what extent you can be by embracing the life you did not choose but fought hard to decide the best shot on it.

She playfully flirted with three men, a smart-potential-prosecutor; a rich-romantic-business man; and a young-talented-rapper. If you know of any website where its easily available then let me know as well.

The Legend of the Blue Sea – 푸른 바다의 전설 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

I stopped watching Korean movies for awhile after watching A Moment to Remember. It makes me a little bit confused, may be I am used to the American movies and its theme, may be so. A dedicated mother and wife accidentally bumped with her dying high school friend and from there paryner relive the old times while looking for the rest of their circle of friendship.

Hey Abby, just wanted to say hi, its been really busy for me with the run up to Christmas, not had much time for dramas, just finished watching a jpn drama called mother, its a real tear jerk-er, toyed with my emotions and with how you deem your actions to be right, if you have not seen it i recommend it highly, Merry Christmas to all. Here you pretty much call people Mr. I am a huge fan of korean movie. My email is parizoski yahoo.


Full of inspiring and beautiful lessons about parenthood, friendship and believing in yourself. Cast – The Legend of the Blue Sea.

ACtually like you im addicted to romance movies. They presented the struggles of each character and had it solved because of their friendship.

I want 2 favours from you if you can please: Before my girl wants me to watch movies like these so I can relate to her feelings hehehe…. Each woman in the story contributed to an emotion fest offering that lingered in my thoughts and erupted tears in my eyes as the film worked on the personal struggles and victories of the characters. It just keeps you laughing til you cry. It Helps me a lot deciding on which titles to pick. Extraordinarily sweet and appealing.

best korean romantic films

I am not afraid of dying but I am afraid to be forgotten specially by her…Even it is not with me I wish her happiness… Kudos to the one updating this…. Its a treat for an addict of korena movies like me! I will give a fair rating because it managed to tell the story along with the intimate scenes. They will struggle to fight for their eventual marriage amidst their opposing families. Both of them have recurring dreams dating from Joseon period.

Worth your afternoon break, but I doubt if it will be listed as one of your favorites. You might want to try dramacrazy. Hilariously presented the yin and yang of college life… those bad choices, the sticky friendship, the thrilling relationships, the dead ends and the coming out of it. I feel like downloading it coz I might not be able to DL it next week.