A girl in a choir disappears and is later found dead; then her best friend in the choir also disappears. Meanwhile, a trafficking trial commences where Wallander and the prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell are threatened to life. Wallander travels to Moldova to learn more about a woman found dead in Ystad. Arson is suspected when a house burns to the ground following a gas explosion and a man and a woman are found dead. Just back from suspension from the police department, Wallander conducts an investigation into the disappearance of a girl which has frightening similarities to a case he worked ten years earlier. Simon A , Dec 27, Inspector Wallander has few close friends and is known for his less-than-desirable lifestyle; he consumes too much alcohol and junk food , exercises very little, and sometimes struggles with anger.

Complete Series Box Set 1. Edit Did You Know? Beck TV Series Despite drawing out 20 million krone from the bank Greger lived in a hovel opposite a block of luxury flats where the wives are into yoga, keep fit and botox – which uses botulinum. Kurt Wallander 32 episodes, Spiral, however, took about a year! When Johan and his colleagues are watching Seth and his gang member Jack, they stumble on a larger case than they expected. As the little girl herself contacts Wallander to tell him what she has seen, they both end up in a dramatic showdown with their lives at stake.

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The BBC have shown 13 episodes of Wallander with Henriksson; I know there was an earlier series with Lassgard and there’s a new one with Henriksson – so there’s an earlier series subtit,es Henriksson too?

Blood Line [3] “. Certificate see all Certificate. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Wallander get on the case. Use the HTML below. Detective Wallander is drawn into the case when he finds a warehouse, rented in Wiman’s name, filled with counterfeit paintings. Martinsson 25 episodes, However, when the boy is found dead with a high dosage of a sedative, Wallander starts to look elsewhere for the killer.

A priest is shot outside a hostel in Ystad in what looks like an attempted murder. He is frequently at loose ends socially and with his family. While on a stakeout, trainee Pontus is shot. Just back from suspension from the police department, Wallander conducts an investigation into the disappearance of a girl which has frightening similarities to a case he worked ten years earlier.


Neither case are deemed high englisu, but Wallander and the Ystad police investigate and uncover more than they expected. At the same time a trial of human traffickers starts, and both Wallander and district prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell receive death threats, forcing them to assess their hamndne as well as their own relationship.

Start your free trial. A light plane crashes outside of Mossby strand, and a detonated armour-piercing shell is found in the wreckage. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The member in question is no less than the son of the big boss Leb Munchin himself. Old English hringan; related to Old High German hringen Old Norse hringja USAGE Rang and sang are the correct forms of the past tenses of ring and sing, although rung and sung are still heard informally and dialectally: Viveca Sten’s popular novels come to life in “The Sandhamn Murders”, a perfect mix of Nordic crime and the beautiful surroundings of the outer Stockholm archipelago.

He frequently regards the crimes he investigates on a very personal level, throwing himself into catching criminals and going against the orders of his superiors to try to solve a case, often with negative effects on his emotional stability.

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Discussion in ‘ Visual Arts ‘ started by smilin edDec 26, Wallander and the Ystad police look for clues and hope that the priest will regain consciousness and be able to identify his assailant. Wallander Swedish TV series. The husband is the obvious suspect, but several loose ends suggest more is going on.

Kurt Wallander by Henning Mankell. Is she the killer? Note that there is some overlap in the timeline among the novels as there are three separate series.

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Kurt Wallander has finally achieved walander dream and bought a house by the sea, enjoying long summer evenings and strolls on the beach with his dog. Skip to main content. But Linda, Wallander’s daughter, knows the suspect and is not convinced of his guilt.


A Russian cellist is subject to a bomb attack following a performance in Ystad.

A girl disappears on her way to school, and suspicion falls on her father who has been fighting for her custody. It was intended as the first of a spinoff trilogy. She has her boyfriend and colleague Stefan Lindman to help her, but even Kurt is drawn in, unknowingly and against his will. Turn off email alerts. In the beginning ofboth Canvas Englisn in Belgium and BBC Four in the UK began airing the 13 episodes weekly, which meant that they both showed the two last episodes before these had been released in Scandinavia.

Definition of ring rang, rung in the AudioEnglish. But when Kurt Wallander begins his own investigation, he sees frightening similarities to a case he had worked on ten years earlier, one which hit him hard personally When a man with long braids and an American Indian-style feather in his hair walks into a bank with what looks like a bomb around his neck, he demands that a precise sum of money be transferred to an account.

Meanwhile, trainee policeman Pontus is forced to consider his career and finds he has more than just a sniper to deal with when he receives a surprise visitor.

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The englosh in engilsh second series are: When a security van is robbed, Wallander suspects a leak inside the security company. But just when Wallander thinks he has worked it out, more deaths occur and he is back to square one, with his officers struggling to stay focused. Condition see all Condition. Suspicions immediately fall on a paedophile recently released from prison, but as the investigation develops it becomes evident that the crime has its roots in relationships far more complicated than the police could ever have imagined.

Wallander and Martinson are soon behaving like hunted animals.