I said to the lady that this was ridiculous as had been charged twice including two booking fees and now had to wait for 15 days to get a refund for them taking money out of my account twice. I only wish that I had seen this site before I tried to book tickets. After one hour and 10 minutes, the automated voice informed me that instead of being at the dizzy heights of number 63 in the queue, I was actually now back at number Off to the cinema in Perth to watch another movie having used their website successfully on many occasions. On the Monday having got my statement on line I saw that the payment had been duplicated and telephoned Vue and was told that I would have to wait 15 days for a refund as it had to go to Head Office. ODEON terms and conditions apply: On the BBC today, in an article about surprising charges , Vue makes a suitably surprising statement: Offer not open to employees of Cinemas or their agents.

Asked customer services if anything could be done, maybe goodwill gesture as we were good customers both before we moved and after but they said no. I am currently on hold to my credit card company to organise a refund via them. On numerous occasions and dates when trying to book seats, the Vue website has failed payment, the Vue agents advised me this is my bank thats the problem, this is a load of rubbish, its the Vue website causing the problem, its a fault with Vue. I have no idea. My wife,who has been recovering from illness, and I visited on 13th april , and had a group of around youths run riot and intimidate a number of folk in screening. The participating cinema reserves the right to refuse entry. Did you pay more than once for your Vue cinema tickets at the weekend? Admission for two must be used at the same time and cannot be used for two separate performances.


From black and white classics to the state-of-the-art 3D experiences, the British chain has grown alongside the filmmaking industry, bringing blockbusters and the latest releases to the big screen. In a fit of anger I hung up, grabbed my coat and made the two mile journey to my nearest Vue. We went to see a 3D movie we had to pay for skyfzll witch used to be free.

That will provide little quantum of solace for those who have been left out of pocket and had to waste the best part of a day chasing their money. The local authority for the district will be the licensing authority for the cinema and also has a role to play in ensuring that places of public entertainment are conducted properly.

The response was less than helpful.

Valid 7 days a week. Admission until 21st November Further Information: This offer does not entitle voucher holders to any preferential right whatsoever over other cinema patrons and may not be used for any special viewing or premium-priced seat.

Mon Oct 01, 7: Vue and Odeon both need to sought out their websites! Voucher may not be used for advance or online bookings except in person for a performance the same day.

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Voucher is personal to you; any attempt to sell a voucher will invalidate it and make both seller or attempted seller and buyer ineligible for this offer. Sat Oct 13, 7: We shall not come back to vue again and we are determined to tell our friends and especially my parents who go to seniors club on Wednesday to go else were.

Understandable but not going to wait.

Did you pay more than once for your Vue cinema tickets at the weekend? Now anxious, I tried for a later screening, only for the site to crash again as my card details were being verified for the third time. Thu Oct 04, 7: They seemed not to care. I was keen to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall, on its opening weekend. I and my partner on a separate computer have just tried to book 2 tickets to a vue cinema listing in stirling.


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It notes high prices are the result of a need soyfall have a viable business model, since much box office money goes to distributors; however, it importantly confirms:. The next morning I tried a couple more times.

Simply sign-in or register now to download your free voucher and enjoy the film! The staff at there barrier was gigging and playing on a mobile phone.

Not valid for school bookings, corporate or third party bulk ticket purchases. Google [Bot] and 1 guest. I have to book on line as I have a Vitality offer which means that I am entitled to a free ticket every now and then — but you have to book on line. This website is a scam. This has just happened to me, four years later their system is exactly the same. The Lancashire Hotpots do a great song called Cinema Smugglers. Hello there, looking for advice regarding frightening visit to vue cinema, hamilton.

It just goes to show it is worth complaining. Offer can only be used Mondays to Thursdays. Top reads Pay per play: