Adjourned to 10 o’clock Saturday morning. Mr Potter submitted his report in regard to investiga- tions past, which was adopted by a majority of the committee, six Democrats voting for, and three Re] ublicans against it. To authorize the village of Albert Lea to transfer certain funds. The resolot o s of Mr. I Knew well enough that tlifre ‘. Benatora Paihy and Dawes moDopol!

It was a ibrewd though benevolent face, framed in wavea of iron-gray hair. DuToit and Otto Streissguth! Dyer- fram tell you at 0. Geary of- fered an amendment authorizing the use of the brass tester when the buyer and seller were agreed. It can but be regarded as unwise policy to keep these splendid lands from settlement by high prices. Table to the Herald: A motion to adjourn was lost, when the House went into the third reading of Senate bills, when the following were passed:

Queen Victoria will embark at Ports- month, M-irch 25, for a trip to Cherbon. She was conticually irsated with tbe same indignity. In about a fortnight Dr. Professor Jaokaon Jones polled at bin cravat, and Mrs.

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Wells, of th Dadley Observatory, Albany, on March SO o’clock Sunday morning the House was still In ses- sion. To change the names of certain persons therein named. No 2, 8;tc; elevator. In all our own experiments we have found nothing so safe and strviceable as bran slightlj moistened, only very slightly, just uffi l-‘nt to hold Ue particles together. He said the biil was simply intended to legislate Judge PaKe out ol otfice, and he protested against the House en- dorsing such a scheme.


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Seward was dis- charged ou his own recognisance. The appointm ut ia claimed to be in consideration of conciliating the whigs.

I’d, will this Sit- isfv our s In’ cntthirr friends? Side, or Loins, and all Diseases cf the Jvidneyo. Hillstrom and The late snow materially aided the far- mers of Ihi.

Vido corresponded with many popular lecturers, who all declined to visit Diivilte on the plea of engagements, and tbe com- mittee at last invited a ceitain Profesnor Rt. There sre scores on both sides who are in the habit of acting and thinking for themselves.

Assiirnment rM’orded in th-olli. Va,Democrats; Mess’ 8.

Pan’ railroad, after ris- ing from tbe Boot river valley to tho high prauielsnd, snd fiom the purity of the atmos- vhere, is amoog tbe laat plaoes that an epi- demic of tbia character would be expected to appear. Senator Thacher’s motion to make it the spe- cial order viseo Monday at 3 o’clock was carried.

At any rate, if you make the bouse- uleaning period any more bearable than it lias been heretofore yon deserve the thanks of all mankind.

We had a very delightful rain in this section on Monday: Capt Browning was horn in NoW York cit; and went into the ci? The petition was placetl on file. I caii’i say I swallow all Lints Bradshaw says about the marryiu” of souls and affinities, bul there is some truth in it you may depend. Senator Beck said in an exlia ses- sion the Democratic majority would ask the President chasma agree with them to the re peal the episodee allowinsr the soldiers to go to the polls under the pretext of keeping the peace; and to reject the law relating to jurors: In Wyndham was with the army in Virginia, in command of about 2, men.


Appledore gazed at luoi in d ‘ill won- der. Witbeut them, bow could oue ai U ‘ler dcversihed derangement live a aec- nd? His team demolish- ed the buggy, and seriously injur- ed Mr.

Diving, tartiD ,’ aorthward free, suddenly betouk tbem all, Lvery “ue to his hole in the wall Or to his niche in the apple tree. Thomas Henry Burke, luidar secretary, and Coi. GiTe me a call: We sort uv growed together like, bat S3 do yoa and Caleb, an’ I’m s ire I’ll try ter make videoo happy, and yer two Jtals, as sweet as two pinks, II be to me y. Tea- leaves, well drained from superflo- ous moisture and s.

To amend the special laws of 1S76 relating to justices of the peace in St. The pro – omission ai form’jd oocap e 1 fully oue mile a id was oue b If hour to passing a givc-u ioiit. Dg in- erest is thus eecn ed for Mii’. Dated Chaska Fohrmry 12th HJ to a Jike who lives not far from here, filhng p.

Toualey is now supeni- tendent of public xtiools in Minnespolia.

He had only b en tl ere a ffw dayH, and bisBU eccdents are imknown.