Our four heroes find themselves at Ki’s house for a crazy and wild weekend as they try to mend their relationships and deal with their biggest surprise yet! Ashley Barnstormer Katina Forte Afterwards, The Law shows up and announces he is moving in with Brian and Ted. Ted finally realizes that he no longer enjoys the Drifters’ childish antics, and after beating the Drift King in a race, leaves the Drifters for good. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Due to ambitious production elements, crowdfunding alone couldn’t cover the cost of each season. Edit Did You Know?

Retrieved January 22, Relieved that Brian doesn’t hate her, Jenny agrees to get back with him. Retrieved March 25, Jenny and Brian make up over a game of DXM. The culmination of years of hard work and production practice, VGHS’s massive success is due to fan support and the creative team’s unique visual style. Ki barely wins the election, but as they celebrate, the MMO Club arrives and demands the return of the Tomowatchi, and Ted is forced to admit its death.

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School is back in session October 13, ! Brian and Ted confront the battle kart team, and win a battle kart game against them. Full Cast and Crew. Brian D Johanna Braddy They meet the Drift King who bullies Ted into a drifting game, Ted episose into a hypnotized state after playing. Space Marine Maddy Rae Cooper Vgghs 2 Episode 4 Thirty Foot Range.

The partnership allows RocketJump to maintain its creative freedom while providing a strategic foothold in traditional media.

I can’t wait to be part of it. Scripts were completed in mid January[34] the fundraiser campaign ran from January 23 to February 24, this time on Indiegogo[35] and filming began in March Ashley then tells Brian about how Jenny will be moving to Paris to join a pro team, and their subsequent argument puts Napalm in a position to win.



Who is pumped for Season 3?! Ki switches IDs, and signs Ted up for drift racing.

How RocketJump’s Video Game High School Scored Over M Views in 3 Seasons on YouTube

Edit Did You Know? Want to Make a Cult Classic? Retrieved August 5, Ted continues to see visions of drift car racing, and is asked to sign up for it by the Drift King. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile Ted is sleep deprived, and misses the due date for his drifting assignment.

July 26, [23]. The Law is accused and found guilty of aimbottingdespite claiming he was framed, banning the varsity team from the championships, effectively ending the VGHS’s FPS season before it has begun.

Ted realizes he hates his father, makig that Ki cares for him. Invitation to sit in on a writer’s room meeting for Season 3. Hurt and betrayed, Ki fires Wendell from her campaign team.


Relieved that Brian doesn’t hate her, Jenny agrees to get back with him. Jenny gets the flu and has a strange dream, where she has the chance of joining a pro gaming team at the cost of killing Brian. Retrieved July 28, Retrieved January 22, Meanwhile, Napalm kf the best pro players in the world, further demoralizing the school. Over the course of the season Jenny and Brian begin secretly dating, Jenny copes with having her mother back in her life, Brian tries to connect with his mother, Ted tries to fit in with the drifters, Ki finds her place at VGHS, and The Law picks himself up after losing so much.


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Season 3 Episode 3 Map to Sex Town. In order to solve their problems, Ki’s parents decide to have them play Couple’s Council, a board game designed to repair relationships.

But what’s next for Wong and company? Although stylistically similar to previous videos uploaded to RocketJump, VGHS was a huge departure for the channel with regard to episode length. Ted Wong Ellary Porterfield With no team, Brian and Jenny attempt to forfeit when Calhoun returns to the school and joins their team, revealing he never graduated from VGHS and is still technically a student.

Brian has a night on the town with the FPS team, where they come across a “barcycle” and get drunk. Ki finally breaks down and admits to her parents that she cheated in the school election, and that she was afraid they would hate her for it, but her parents insist that they will love her no matter what. Archived from the original on August 17, ShotBot returns to sacrifice himself in order to save The Law and the evidence from a dunk tank, however Shane’s name is not recovered from the wet USB drive.

Retrieved August 2,