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Van Jones hailed a ‘hero’ over Kim Kardashian romance rumors | Celebrity News

Van Jones’ friends called him a “hero” as he was rumored to be dating Kim Kardashian.

The CNN host was romantically involved with the SKIMS founder following her split from husband Kanye West last year and although her college pals had plenty of praise for the self-proclaimed “nerd” on gossip, the couple insisted they were just working on criminal justice reform together.

Kim is the latest guest on her ‘Uncommon Ground with Van Jones’ podcast, and the 53-year-old presenter said of the speculation: “I know it was so weird. I was like, ‘No, we’re working just to try and get people out of jail’, but it was a cool rumor.

Kim agreed, “Yeah. So many people asked me too and I was like, ‘You guys…I need a minute before I go out. You know? Give me a minute, at least.

The pair still work together on legal matters and Kim’s bid to become a lawyer and the 41-year-old star – who is now dating Pete Davidson – praised Van for encouraging her to keep following her ambitions even after failing the baby bar for a third time.

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Recalling how “so nervous” she was on her fourth try – which she passed – she said: “I was thinking…maybe [I’m] not supposed to do that.

“And you kept pushing me and, you know, obviously not making excuses, but you know, with four kids and work and so many things, I realized I just wasn’t not ready like at that time, but I never gave up.

“I was mortified every time I had to write to you and be like, well, I didn’t make it this time. Well, I didn’t make it again.

But Van – who graduated from Yale Law School in 1993 – remained encouraging.

He said: “No way… Well, first of all, it’s almost impossible to be successful. And the people who usually take it are people who can focus on it. You have four kids and all sorts of things.

“And by the way, I mean, most people don’t admit it, [but] I didn’t pass the bar the first time either.

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