This was such a delightful recap: Jin becoming a cult classic Episode 1 RAW Dramacrazy. Jin are the only two dramas I am watching right now. It’s tiring and it plays on my last nerve. So far, it’s had an endless variety.

I personally think the J-version is a masterpiece, and so far far exceeds the K-version in terms of quality. Someone needs to get it right. I believe the reason that keeps me watching it is the casts and not the plot XD. I’m enjoying it too. It’s so sad, but so funny. Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2.

Sho June 11, framacrazy 2: This is beginning to be episodic, with not one but two medical problems per episode. Instead I am watching the Japanese version and there is NO comparison!

I don’t need to get anything “right”. I gotta give it to them. Tis’ a pretty silly drama. That’s what I like about J-dramas, and it’s because of this quality that I love watching occupational J-dramas. I’m really glad you girls are recapping this.

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Unubore Deka – Episode 6. Won’t it change the course of history or something? It seems to magically save dying people.

Since you saved His Excellency, I now know your dramacrazj. Am prolly the only one then that basically puts jdramas in the same category as tdramas, they just make no sense to me! King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode dramacrrazy Jaejoong is just wooden, the supporting characters are far more interesting.


Hyuk follows Young-rae home through one of the poorer areas of town, where a dirt-covered child flashes her a toothy grin. But to say that to say that K-version is a complete carbon copy of the J-version, again, seriously makes me suspect you didn’t watch the J-version. I’m hoping KT will “wake up” and become a stronger character. Screen time is pretty equally split with the cast, though the uubore leads do still get their poignant moments.


It’s more like a “roll my eyes at all the nonsense” show. Eeeee, I’ve been waiting a whole week to say this: While the sheer desire to meet wraps around him, he will get Your comments at the beginning are too harsh.

Ondubu June 10, at 7: My Golden Life Episode SSH 5 o’clock shadows is just sexy in here, and his gaze is Shiku June 10, at 9: So he and Kyung-tak strike a deal: There’s something about Japanese humor that I simply don’t get. It seems like I’m part of the minority that genuinely likes this drama.


Episode #1.1

And, of course, her home is in a village of the sick, disenfranchised, and draamacrazy. I think Maou is one of the few jdramas that pulled off a un-happy ending perfectly. Since you want a serious, sad drama: OMG I think I love you. This is the comment I left on OT yesterday – having watched ep 5, all I can say is: I agree with you.

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Oh friend, you make me laugh and smile. Roro June 10, at 7: I have decided to steer far away from watching Dr.

The scheme and writer is getting better after dekka eps. I also am in the minority and like Dr. Lise June 10, at 2: Its serious, some what sad but importantly romantic Thanks for the recap! Though I have to agree with your assessment that this show is hilariously non-intentionally funny, and that’s what keeps me watching. Adi June 10, at 6: