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Ulrika Jonsson rushed into an ambulance with ‘mild hypothermia’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Horrified fans watched as doctors attended to Ulrika Jonsson, 54, during the first episode of the celebrity special version of SAS: Who Dares Wins, after she appeared to suffer from hypothermia. It comes after she complained that her hands and feet had gone numb after the first challenge of swimming in freezing cold water, and the Swedish-British model was quickly ushered into a waiting ambulance to be control.

The popular Channel 4 show saw the latest group of celebrities complete their first major challenges, which involved jumping out of a boat into freezing water before climbing a hill to reach camp.

But as the team walked down the slope, Ulrika noticed that she could no longer feel her hands and feet.

Following her concerns, doctors rushed to the scene and later informed her that she had Raynaud’s and mild hypothermia.

The star thought it was a combination of cold and dehydration that led to her body freezing up, but ‘didn’t want to be forgotten’ or ignored as she ‘still feels 25 years old’.

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Although she feels confident, she described signing up for the show as “one of the scariest things” she’s ever been asked to do.

Following her hypothermia assessment, Ulrika was thankfully given the green light to join the course and get to know her new celebrity teammates.

However, the SAS commentator then announced: “After missing the first task due to medical issues, the DS must decide if Ulrika deserves her place on the course.”

Elsewhere, Ulrika opened up about the possibility of remarrying but admitted it “would be weird” to walk down the aisle.

“And it’s hard for women my age to say that without being seen in a certain way.”

The former TV-am weather presenter has four children, Cameron, 25, Bo, 20, Martha, 14 and Malcolm, 11.

She first married in 1990 to John Turnbull, with whom she shares Cameron.

His daughter Bo was from her relationship with German hotel manager Marcus Kempen after they met in the late 1990s.