Chi Yu finds herself pregnant but being diagnosed with intramedullary spinal cord tumour makes her unfit to continue with the pregnancy. Even veteran Lawrence Ng did not help in this show. As an artist und Mei Suet goes MIA at work after a severe mistake. Lists of television series by genre Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Medical television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. All of the issues seemed to resolve themselves as sudden as the problems came and the reasons for the “drama” and “hate” were not well justified to begin with. This award is usually reserved to be one of the last awards presented, and is one of the most premier and publicized awards of the ceremony.

Zi Yu will have to go through therapy after the surgery and there may be a chance the tumor will act up again in the future. It’s a pity to see such a great actress like her suffer in these kind of characters. The last decent sequel is probably A Great Way To Care 2, the sequels in the recent years was just disappointing. He worked as a model after he graduated from his secondary school, and was discovered by director Johnnie To. Why is she so carefree? In , Wong was sent to host the long-running infotainment show, K At the service, everyone speak fondly of Yat Hong as they recount memories shared with him. Mei Suet goes MIA at work after a severe mistake.

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It felt like they were pushing Jing Jing in the end when she played such a minor role. Login or Register before you can reply to Mel. When asked whether he would be playing the role of Dr. Tvdbo there is going to a sequel to this. This is a list of television serial dramas released by TVB in Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Login or Register before you can reply to Bobby.


High expectations were set for the currently broadcast sequel, but viewers complained that the aired segment was outright boring, and were exasperated by the new additions to the cast and sloppiness in the script. During their date, Yat Kin dropped his lucky medal given to him by Yat Hong.

She calls him out on being oblivious to all the things Zi Yu has done for him.

The thing with the families in here is that they are are so believable as a family. Member feedback about Catherine Chau: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Its the best place for you with such sensitive heart.

Half a year later: He fear that Yat Hong will not show up in his dreams again, reminding that Yat Hong has not forgiven him.

Personally I care about a good drama series with a good storyline and good acting. Because he was worried that his brother will be unable to take care of himself as hippicratic legs are paralyzed, Kin decided that his mother shall accompany his brother overseas.

Foreign programmes These are programmes currently or previously broadcast during the 8TV English period, mostly at night, especially midnight or crushh in the morning.

Her father is a businessman and her mother worked in the airline industry. They were for our beloved characters to grow and for them and us to understand death as part of the cycle of life. Filmography This list is incomplete.

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He then entered the TVB Artiste Training Class in and was signed with the station after completion of the program. The family reconnects and spends a happy family date together. It was broadcast live to Malaysian audiences through AOD.


Views Read Edit View history. Throughout the drama, many events unfurl challenging the housemen and their mentors: Ep of the series are aboveviews ep 1 was aboutviews on tvb. He worked as a model after he graduated from his secondary school, and was discovered by director Johnnie To. tvbdoo

The Hippocratic Crush

Neurosurgery specialist traineeCheung Yat Kin’s subordinate. Calk make it too fake, netizens like you compare them to other dramas. Besides, all his scenes are really challenging. I only watched a few episodes.

I dun say about Ma Ming and you complain? The name was changed back to “Best Actor in a Leading Role” in During his school days, his mother sent him back to China, where crsh lived with his uncle for two years before returning to Hong Kong after his mother changed her epissode about migrating to the United States.

Member feedback about Rosella Lau: Zi Yu asks if he has something for her. This term was first coined in the s with the first group of fadans, Louise Lee, Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, and Angie Chiu [1] s to s The first four were the most popular and highest paid actresses at TVB during the s and the s.

Neurosurgery specialist trainee Cheung Yat Kin’s subordinate. Sign In Sign Up. Pages using Infobox Chinese-language singer and