In July , Bay then claimed that fake scripts, treatments, “wrong schedules and call sheets with fake scenes on them” had been deliberately leaked to the internet. Director Michael Bay set out to greatly expand the film’s scope with settings ranging across the globe, and a much larger cast of Transformers, with over 40 robots in all. Was this review helpful to you? Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Quotes 3 Main cast 4 Errors 4. It detects the splinter and signals Soundwave , who is stationed in orbit around Earth, disguised as a satellite, and Soundwave orders the truck to follow the girl. Mikaela promptly boards a plane to see Sam. Simmons calls a navy ship off the coast of Egypt and orders the use of a railgun.

Arcee was also confirmed in the same interview. Joe movie Rise of the Cobra and several other planned movie projects such as Monopoly , Stretch Armstrong and Battleships , Revenge of the Fallen marks the beginning of a new company policy for Hasbro, believing that the new “the movie of the toy” strategy will be more lucrative than the old “the toy of the movie” concept, which involves hefty licensing fees. The Rise of Cobra” connected to this film and “Transformers” ? It detects the splinter and signals Soundwave , who is stationed in orbit around Earth, disguised as a satellite, and Soundwave orders the truck to follow the girl. Galloway dismisses the threat, convinced that the only reason the Decepticons are interested in Earth is because of the presence of the Autobots. Megatron orders “The Doctor” to remove Sam’s brain in order to access the information from the AllSpark shard, but Optimus Prime and Bumblebee arrive to free the three humans. Ratchet says the Autobots should leave Earth altogether, but Ironhide points out that it’s not what Optimus would want.

Principal shooting began in June in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Mikaela, Sam and Leo flee as Alice hunts them, devastating the campus library; Mikaela eventually defeats her by slamming her into a tree with a hotwired car.

Sam Witwicky Megan Fox Revenge of the Fallen novel. The three humans try to get away but are captured by Grindor and delivered to the waiting Megatron in an abandoned building.

They head towards Giza, dodging Egyptian police on the way. Greatest Sci-Fi movies by concepts.

The other Autobots arrive, saving Sam and causing Megatron and Starscream to retreat. The Autobots have found a home in “NEST”, a secret military unit created to eliminate transfodmers remaining Decepticons, and Sam is starting college and trying to leave his Transformer-laden past behind.

I was more excited to see this film than any other. He also denied that Megatron would transform into a tank. For the movie, Orci and Kurtzman searched the various Transformers comics and cartoons for “the most elemental bad guy”, and eventually found one in The Fallen. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: This Week’s Top Trailers. Starscream gets a poster but Megatron doesn’t? Dominic Toretto and his crew of street racers plan a massive heist to buy their freedom while in the sights of a powerful Brazilian drug lord and a dangerous federal agent.


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Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother. The on-film splicing together of disparate filming locations is a common movie phenomenon; however, we wouldn’t be good pedants if we didn’t point out a few of the more glaring disconnects. Trivia The ILM animators studied each others’ eyes to get an impression of how to express emotion in the robots’ optics eyes.

Sam and Mikaela have a slight scuffle over who should say the words “I love you” first, but they kiss and move on. Meanwhile, Sam finally meets up with Lennox and Epps, but they’re pinned down by Mixmaster.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (film)

On February 2,it was announced that Transformers: His discovery prompts his partner, Sidewaysto escape as well. State of the Union director Lee Tamahori, who wanted to use it as a pitch to offer himself to Paramount as a cheaper alternative for Michael Bay. Sam collects the dust regardless, and he and Mikaela return outside where Simmons and Leo have spotted the NEST team parachuting into Egypt to begin preparing for battle near the pyramids.

Before Sam and the others can get back to Lennox and his people, the Decepticons start their attack. The United States military also supported onlibe movie again, providing vehicles, shooting locations and military personnel that appear as extras in the movie. The development of the relationship between the leads in this film reminded me porazenyhc much of Armageddon, it made me actually believe that they were falling in love; no mean feat when Megan Fox’s character is paper thin.

In Julyonly a week after after Transformers had premiered in the USA, nearly two years before Porqzenych of the Fallen was to premiere and half a year before a script would actually be written, a “synopsis” for the at that point still untitled sequel to Transformers was posted on IMDB, [79] containing vague guesses for a potential plot direction based on the first movie Starscream returning to Cybertron and taking command of the remaining Decepticons—which would actually happen in IDW’s The Reign of Starscream comic—and ” Skorpinox ” [sic] stealing Megatron’s body from a military base, in contrast to the first film’s actual endingincluding several glaring spelling and grammar errors.

There they combine into Pkmstawho steals the shard and joins Ravage in a rapid transsformers. I finally got to see it at the cinema I manage last night. Learn more More Like This.


He is awaited by Starscreamwho is overseeing the spawning of a new army of Decepticons. During the time of shooting, actor Shia LaBeouf suffered a severe oorazenych of his left hand in a car accident.

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Edit Storyline A youth chooses manhood. For in those memories, we live on. Skids and Mudflap, slacking off there at the time, accidentally discover this and flee to Posmta to warn the other Autobots.

Before Optimus kills him, Demolishor delivers the cryptic message: Views Page Discussion View source History. The Harvester’s location, and the means to activate it, are hidden within Sam’s mind, leading the Decepticons to wage war across the Earth as they hunt down the human.

In Octoberan alleged treatment for the at that point still unnamed Transformers sequel surfaced on the internet. Sam feigns ignorance and goes to see if he can get another room, but his hunt is interrupted by his father and mother, the pomstx of whom has unwittingly purchased some marijuana-laced brownies. Was this review helpful to you? Feeling guilty for Prime’s death, Sam decides to solve the mystery of the symbols he’s been seeing.

After the Professor throws him out, he realises that the effects he’s been experiencing may be linked to touching the AllSpark shard. In lateduring pre-production for the then-untitled Transformers sequel, the Writers Guild of America went on strikebut according to all parties involved, this didn’t slow down preparations of the movie much in the long run.

Simmons calls a navy ship off the coast of Egypt and orders the use of a railgun. In a June 11, article about the third Transformers film, Bay and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura now said they’d taken onboard some of the criticism, and cited the writer’s strike and the rushed production as a problem; Bonaventura said “we tried to do too many things in the second movie, which didn’t give enough time in any one of them”.

Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky is preparing for his move to college and dealing with his bipolar mother. Learning Curve The Fallen’s agent Soundwave decides to use pomstq, and first frames the twins as turncoats Reversal of Fortunethen has them freed by their ‘Decepticon allies’ so poraeznych be hunted down.

Arcee was also confirmed in the same interview.