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“The misogyny is striking” – Lily James becomes Pamela Anderson | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

The 32-year-old British actress stars in Pam & Tommy on American television channel Hulu. It follows Pamela’s relationship with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, played by Sebastian Stan, and the 1995 sex tape scandal. prostheses to imitate the famous bust of the pin-up. And she told fashion website Porter how “liberating” playing the Baywatch star was, but she “never worked harder”.

Lily said: “I’ve read the books Pamela has written, I’ve read her poetry, I can repeat all of her interviews.” I like that in acting; you adapt to a character and you realize you’re not as different as you might have thought.”

Lily said her makeup and costume took four hours a day. She continued, “I’ve never done anything where I’m very different from myself before. And I would really like to continue in that vein, because I felt there was something very liberating and liberating about her. I really appreciated the physique and the sensuality, right down to the long nails!”

She said the sex tape scandal had sparked an internet and celebrity culture that “now, I believe, is just out of control”.

And she thinks Pamela was taken advantage of. Lily said: ‘When you watch some of his interviews from the 1990s, the misogyny is so stark’ In Pam & Tommy, an actor-turned-electrician steals the sex tape in a row over a $20,000 debt. It has become an Internet phenomenon.

In 2015 Pamela, who had two sons with Tommy but divorced in 1998, said of the tape: “I’ve never seen it. I haven’t made a dollar.”