The area of Silla where the foreign troops have entered is one which Mi-Sil physically fought to secure. The Queen wondered on why did they stopped the man from seeing her, the attendant told her about Jigwi, who admired her greatly. It should speed up the story. People were surprised that she had known of it, and asked her about it. So this may have been her way to show her desire to be reincarnated as a man in Doricheon in her next life. Bi-Dam will do anything and everything to prevent Yu-Sin from taking any credit for a victory.

Uhm Tae-Woong known as kim yushin you are the best actress that i have ever seen in all movies that i have ever watched. Meta Register Log in. I think the series had outstayed its welcome and I was relieved when it ended. Book One, page While on her way, she stopped by and stared at Jigwi for a while, then removed her bracelet and placed it gently on Jigwi’s chest to let him know of her presence. She added that an enemy force would be found there lying in wait, which they would be sure to take by surprised. Email required Address never made public.

This leaves Bi-Dam looking incompetent. Except, of course, when she asks Ggreat to go and fetch it from where it was buried, he reads it and keeps it. So Deokman has to become queen and then die of a broken heart. When the Queen asked one of her attendants about the commotion, her attendant told her that there was a man who tried to approach her and was apprehended by the royal guards.

The rebellion was eventually suppressed by Kim Yushin and Kim Quewn.

The Great Queen Seon Deok or Seondeok Yeo Wang — episodes 75 to end | Thinking about books

January ofQueen Seondeok, became the first queen of Silla. Deokman arrives to prevent Yu-Sin and Bi-Dam fighting. The fire flew to heaven and then rain started to fall, which ended the drought in Silla. It was a big problem for Queen Seondeok at that time since most of her soldiers had been sent to different parts of the Silla kingdom to defend it from potential foreign invasions. Comments 6 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Unfortunately, Deokman is wearing the dagger around her neck and the arrow hits it — better than kevlar, neither Deokman graet the knife has a scratch.


As she was passing by, Jigwi appeared while calling out the Queen’s name as usual.

BIDAM in episode 60 of Queen Seondeok – video dailymotion

The story of this ordinary man who dared to love someone so high above himself, and the Queen, who choose to understand the devotion of her lowly subject, soon became a legend and became popular, even to their neighboring country.

He was overwhelmed with joy and love for the Queen, that his whole body turned into a fire. The Queen, openly dealt with the topic in front of her male courtiers, which shows the Queen’s boldness. During that same year, she sent a diplomat to pay tribute to the Queem of the Tang Dynasty of China, to let them know about Silla’s new ruler.

Eventually, she succeeded, and was named as King Jinpyeong’s seoneok — a decision episoode wasn’t accepted by everyone, and as a result; some officials planned an uprising in order to stop her from being crowned. Peonies, therefore, are equated with her wisdom and insight. He stopped eating and sleeping and did nothing but call out the Queen’s name all day, he eventually lost his mind. So I knew that an army was lying in the West.

BIDAM in episode 45 of Queen Seondeok

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However, Jigwi didn’t stop greatt still kept on calling out the Queen’s name. Through Jigwi’s assistance, Queen Seondeok overcame many problems.

From the Sillan point of view, the enemy cavalry is seemingly able to appear out of thin air. Vreat people who were scared of Jigwi’s wrath asked the Queen for help; in order to calm them, she made a talisman and ordered them to put it in front of their house to block away Jigwi’s fire spirit.


Second, the emperor would provide thousands of Tang uniforms and army flags in order to help Silla soldiers disguise themselves as Chinese troops. According to the story, on the night of Bidam’s rebellion, Queen Seondeok’s health had deteriorated sharply due to illness, and a star fell near the Queen’s residence.

When asked where the Doricheon was, she replied that it was on the southern side of Mt. The Queen’s guard thrust him aside which greatly stirred the onlookers who lined up on the street to see the Queen.

He then flew a huge kite with a burning scarecrow attached to it, to make it appear that the star was back in its place.

There was a man named, Jigwi, who lived near the border of Goguryeo. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Queen Seondeok of Silla

The troops are starting to talk about supernatural power. He would still wink at her and hold her hand if it was shaking.

Thinking about books An editor and writer thinks about recent books, films and television shows — particularly in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery genres. It was an offering to the Buddha, in hope that these wishes would be fulfilled. Bi-Dam rushes to her side, perhaps hoping for an acknowledgement of maternity from Mi-Sil.