Drama , Romance Countries: The storyline is obviously interesting: This film will make you feel that these issues will always be relevant, and that not much changes from generation to generation. The beginning of the film has the viewer itching to see Gatsby and hear him speak, and when he finally appears he holds on and captivates throughout the film. The acting was great overall, as you can trust these actors to deliver. A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor. DeCaprio’s Gatsby is forceful, decisive; he is a determined man of significant accomplishment and great ability. For all the time that Gatsby spends trying to prove he is good enough for Daisy, the audience, for the book or the film, is led down the path that she is not good enough for him.

All in all I think it is a must see this year for movie buffs. The film may awaken something in you, a memory of when you were crazy in love with a person or in love with an idea for what your life should be. This belief, that he can change his past, to correct it as it were, has given him a veneer of respectability that has put him in good stead with his underworld connections. After seeing this film I was more than a little disgusted to see so many negative reviews. The Great Gatsby Official Trailer 3 As for Luhrmann’s reputation for excess: A writer and wall street trader, Nick, finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Erased interjections oh, ahem, shh, etc when only thing in a line.

Performances are phenomenal by the entire cast. It is a great time at the movies for anyone that enjoys the classic novel or who haven’t even heard of it.

DramaRomance Countries: You are at the newest post. Overall, this is just a great film. Klo kurang pas tinggal koment. Carey Mulligan’s Daisy is every bit as careless as one would expect, but she also manages to show some complexity in her role. Throughout the whole film, as the relationships between all the few main characters become deeper and deeper, and the questions become answered, you just can’t help but feel so into the characters’ lives.

The film may awaken something in you, a memory of when you were crazy in love with a person or in love with an idea for what your life should be.


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The great gatsby The great gatsby p brrip x yify. Rate and leave comments. His nerve, his frustration, his determination Jay Gatsby has achieved success in a fashion beyond most imaginations, excepting his own. Click here to check if anything new just came in.

The main problem with this film I find is in the first minutes, a common problem I spy in Luhrman films that should by no means define an entire film. The film itself, as a film, was awesome!

I want to review this film as a movie that tells a story, like every other film.

If I’m going to be honest I think a lot of the negative reviews coming in are due to the “classic” status of the book, people want to act like the hours of school discussions should make this film grfat fanciful and serious percent of the time. The true award recognition worthy performance comes from DiCaprio’s Gatsby.

When Tom espouses his vile racial philosophies one might think that someday he might actually do something about it. BluRay 3 years ago 1 55KB Working also with p and p!!!

Juga teks untuk beberapa gambar di layar. Editing in the film is seamless and gatsny keeps the viewer engaged. Especially this Aussie, Baz Luhrmann, who is known to overload, over-hype and overcook his theatrical product into a glittery miasma of small meaning and little consequence. Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby,” is fairly accurate to the classic novel subtitlse keeps most of its themes intact.

If you go into the theater thinking “oh this’ll suck compared to Robert Redford” or “I bet the book is way better”, you’re setting yourself up for a bad minutes. His decision to go 3D however, I think was wise. No ads displayed on the blog Subtites read somewhere on IMDb message board or another reviewer, I can’t remember that Leonardo wasn’t a good fit for the role of Gatsby.

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Where Fitzgerald reached his yiy aspiration of creating high art is in wondering if living happily ever after is even possible in an age of class consciousness, even class warfare, that is driven by a compulsive materialism in a world changing so fast that we can’t even formulate the question before we have to come up with an answer.


I was searching for 2cds sub but not found here So I decided to upload it AG] sub download 0 English subtitle The. Too soft and distorted in some parts too low bitrate. From grand sets to the detailed period dresses, this film is a treat for the eyes. Unlike Alger’s heroes, he has not followed the gatsbby and narrow. From TharangaDE’s file, thanks. You get to know them personally, and after all this is a very personal story. He is going to win her back and make things as they should have been.

OCR, Names, punctuation, etc Leo DeCaprio is the only actor of this generation that could play Gatsby, just as Robert Redford could only play Gatsby the previous generation. He has status and wealth because he’s supposed to have status and sjbtitles, and he’s not about grewt give up all that, and certainly not his subttles, to this new money usurper Gatsby, without a fight.

He has a plan and he is going to execute it and as far as he is concerned, for all the right reasons. Whatever the viewers or readers opinion of the characters are, Gatsby and Iyfy do love each other, but Fitzgerald was not interested in boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl and they all live happily ever after.

But most of all, his passion, and as Nick Carraway, our narrator so emphatically reminds us, his hope.

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Resync ke DVDRip dari kepunyaan ervanderz, semoga cocok. He has acquired his fabulous wealth through bootlegging and stock swindles. The visuals and soundtrack were captivating and lavish.

In true Horatio Alger tradition he has worked hard to improve himself, but when his past creeps up on him and threatens his well crafted self image, he suavely and effortlessly changes it, his past, and he inhabits the change until it becomes the reality.