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The Duchess of Cornwall is an obsessive Wordle gamer | Entertainment and celebrity news

The Duchess of Cornwall is an obsessive Wordle player.

Camilla made the admission in an interview to mark her upcoming 75th birthday, revealing she compares her scores on the online guessing game every day with her granddaughter via text message.

She told British Vogue: “She’ll text me to say ‘I did it in three’. And I’m like, ‘Sorry, I did it in two today.’

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“It’s very satisfying when it tells you how brilliant you are.”

Camilla – who turns 75 on July 17 – went on to say she loves receiving text messages from her five grandchildren, all aged 12 to 14.

She added: “It’s very nice to receive a text message. We learn from the very young and they also learn from us. That’s how it’s always been.

The Duchess also revealed that her grandchildren tried unsuccessfully to convince her to get her ears pierced.

She described seeing her granddaughters ‘starting to dress up and put on makeup’ as ‘pretty scary’ – adding: ‘You see them coming out with pierced ears and lots of new makeup and hair and stuff fun colors.”

While preparing for her shoot for Vogue, the magazine’s team suggested she wear an outfit to match the wisteria in the Clarence House garden.

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The idea was immediately snubbed by the Duchess who called the color “menopausal mauve”.

She opted for a Bruce Oldfield Couture evening dress from her own wardrobe instead, saying during filming, “I had some (pressed) fingernails, but I lost them all while gardening yesterday.”

She also shared how she and her husband, the Duke of Cornwall, 73, are trying to make time for each other.

Camilla added of her relationship with Prince Charles: “Sometimes it feels like ships go by in the night, but we always sit together and have a cup of tea and talk about the day.

“When we leave, the best thing is that we sit and read our books in different corners of the same room.

“It’s very relaxing because you know you don’t have to make small talk. Sit down and be together.

And she revealed how challenging the public backlash to her relationship with the Prince of Wales following his split with Princess Diana was, admitting: ‘I’ve been scrutinized for so long that you just have to find a way to live with this.

“Nobody likes to be watched all the time and, you know, criticized and… but I think in the end, I kind of rise above it and keep going.”