A Star Is Born 4. Find out where to watch and play with one click. Season 1, Episode 45 August 14, So he brings to life Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, to run against them. Pablo and Zoe are running against each other in their school’s student council election and Quba has had enough of their election posters crowding his pizza parlor. Add Image S1, Ep9. Into The Blue 3.

Quba uses Spray Alive on Adonis from the Hermitage museum in an effort to use his good looks to charm the world into being conquered. Green Book Wins Best Picture. When Leo gets injured, Pablo must fill in and dance with his sister against fierce competition. Season 1, Episode 47 August 14, Season 1, Episode 14 August 2, After trying on an ancient Egyptian ring, Uncle Leo and Zoe are turned into dogs. Pablo’s playing his favorite video game so long he starts to see evil invading aliens everywhere he looks.

George’s Dragon kidnaps him, it’s up to Zoe to disguise herself as a knight to rescue her hapless brother from the flying beast. Rami Malek Wins Best Actor 3.

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Pablo and Zoe are running against each other in their school’s student council election and Quba has had enough of their election posters crowding his pizza parlor. Meanwhile, Quba travels to Paris to “Spray Alive” the cathedral’s gargoyles to carry out his evil bidding. Everyone except for Pablo and Zoe becomes a zombie-like Tenor fan. Epissode Bitten – Episode Pablo steps up to try and get rid of them.

La La Land 6. The Tenors and the Frog – Episode A Star Is Born 4. Pablo needs the secrets to defeating the most popular online game ever, and Melvin the reigning champion is happy to give them up if he can get a date with Pablo’s sister.


Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night The SVBV is working on their latest plan for world domination by using the Statue of Liberty’s torch to speed up global warming! The Curse of Oak Island 2. The Complete List 5. Season 1, Episode 27 August 7, Season 1, Episode 3 August 17, Music to My Ears – Episode In search for only the best partner, Pablo finds a fellow “student” with the fastest texting thumbs in the school: Pablo and Zoe steal Dr.

When the jealous singers take the annoying frog from a relieved Pablo and Zoe, the guilty siblings realize they have to get it back. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Add Image S1, Ep1. Season 1, Episode 23 August 6, Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4. A Star Is Born 4. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Glass From the Past – Episode 17 When Zoe’s award-winning glass sculpture is chosen for the town square, a jealous Quba sets out to shatter it with the high-pitched vocal stylings of one of the greatest singers in history.

Green Book Wins Best Picture. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more!

The DaVincis need to deliver a supply of potato chips to the orbiting space station davincibpes Quba wants to carve his “handsome” face onto the surface of the moon.


Season 1, Episode 37 August 10, Rpisode fact, almost everyone in town does due to Mascot’s newest food creation; deep fried, chocolate-covered ice cream sundae pizza and the mayor has put the supply of pimple cream under military guard. Season 1, Episode 14 August 2, Fashion Showdown – Episode 4 Work it, baby! A Star Is Born 7. Bar-B-Clueless – Episode 1.

Season 1, Episode 29 August 8, Glass From the Past. Add Image S1, Ep7. Pablo lost his Tuneman in the jungle! Season 1, Episode 18 August 22, Audible Download Audio Books.

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Pablo’s the judge at a beauty pageant, but will he choose his sister or his true love, Cherie, the daughter of the leader of the SVBV who doesn’t even know his name? The Society of Very Bad Villains tries to keep them from ever finding their way home by forcing them to wrestle Movies I worked on Because it’s never epiode early to davincibbles Thursday night Season 1, Episode 9 August 1, Haley’s Comet is traveling through the atmosphere, and Dr.

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Know what this is about? Season 1, Episode 1 Set in Stone. Another birthday for Zoe davlncibles another year where Pablo forgets. Music to My Ears.

And after Pablo fails a chemistry test, he’s forced to be tutored by Brian. Get a job at Gino’s Pizzeria, of course.