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The best apps for spreading celebrity news

Everyone loves watching celebrities, and the Oscars give us plenty of excuses to do so. A great way to keep up with all the gossip is through an app, and there are plenty that cater to our curiosity about the Oscars and the entertainment industry.

Of all the apps promising to deliver celebrity news, the Who knows app stands out for an interesting reason: its material is contributed by the celebrities themselves. The creators of WhoSay promise that over 1,600 well-known names use the app to share photos, videos and news with their fans.

The app’s homepage is an image-rich scrolling feed that features updates from its famous users, along with other content like galleries and Q&A sessions. You can scroll through the news collected on the homepage, view only trending stories, explore the app’s content by categories such as “movie” and “rising stars” or simply search for news about a particular celebrity .

Tapping on an article allows you to read it in more detail and see more photos or videos.

In some ways, WhoSay is like a regular celebrity-centric news app, but it has celebrity input and feels very light and fun. Unlike other apps in this category, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and go beyond celebrity obsessions. And while there are already Oscar-related articles in the app, it’s also great for keeping up with news from models, sports stars, and other famous people. It is free on iOS and Android.

Photos and videos of celebrities FirstLook is another useful celebrity news app. With its many sources and up-to-the-minute updates, the app is supposed to make you feel like you’re among the first to see relevant articles, photos, and videos from big events like the Oscars.

Due to its clean interface, which emphasizes lots of white space and photos, this app looks more like a digital magazine than a website, and its scrollable design makes it easy to read news and find news. interesting elements.

The app has a smart way to connect you to news about particular celebrities. A photo featuring Ariana Grande and Tony Bennett, for example, comes with a button that lets you follow each celebrity in your News Feed for future content.

Clicking on the app’s “Explore” tab is the trick to seeing event-specific news. Right now it shows a lot of Grammy information and photos from New York Fashion Week. Soon, this is where you will find many Oscar-related articles. FirstLook also has a social media component, where you can collect your own “followers” who want to see what you “favorite” in news feeds.

FirstLook is fun to use, although scrolling through news pages can be a bit slow. Videos play automatically, which can blast surprisingly loud soundtracks from your phone’s speakers. FirstLook is free on iOS, but not available on Android.

For a more traditional celebrity news app, check out E! In line, which is free for iOS and Android devices. It’s been popular for quite some time, and its design reflects the same professional look as E!’s TV channel.

The app contains content covering general entertainment news, event photos and live streams useful at awards time.

The app is free, but that means it sometimes looks like a big ad for E! shows. News articles are written in a style that has all the hallmarks of typical celebrity media coverage, including an overdose of exclamation points. Sure! Covers live events pretty well, so if you can handle this app’s few downsides, like slow loading times, it’s worth a try for Oscars night.

Finally, the venerable Internet Movie Database has a fabulous application that will be invaluable at the Oscars.

IMDb Movies & TV has the same in-depth movie information as the popular IMDb website, so you can have fun browsing through movie trivia or an actor’s life details during the boring moments of the awards show.

The IMDb app also has a good news service as part of its homepage. This offers articles from different online sources in one convenient list. Articles tend to be more serious and readable than other entertainment apps. Articles are also clearly attributed, so it’s easy to go to the source website to read longer articles.

You can filter the app’s feed to see trending news, movie news and celebrity news in general or to search for your specific interests. IMDb is fast, fascinating and easy to use. It is free on iOS and Android. And if you want to see one of the Oscar-winning films, the app can help you too.

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