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The BBC has deleted the family tree of former Eastenders star Martine | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

The Love Actually actor said while the show’s producers were initially “excited” to have him on board, they ended up “disappointed” with the details of his family history and told him, “It doesn’t won’t work.”

Martine’s EastEnders actor Danny Dyer appeared on the genealogy series in 2016 and learned he was related to Thomas Cromwell and English kings from William the Conqueror to Edward III.

But Martine, who comes from the East End of London, was told she and her ancestors had not cut the mustard.

She told Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell podcast: ‘They were just really disappointed because there’s a bunch of mud huts and wrongs that they [BBC] just didn’t [want to] talking.” She remembers her childhood: “I had to walk past a bunch of frontline drug dealers every day who had guns and drugs in the bottom of their prams.

“I always go back to where I came from, I always see my friends and my family? My brother is always around, my stepfather and all his children.”

She added of her past: “It’s in your DNA and only the people around you get it.

“There’s something really comforting about that, and it’s really annoying when people don’t understand. When I go back to Bethnal Green, they think I speak very well.”

Mother of one child, Martine, 45, born in Hackney, is married to singer-songwriter Jack McManus.

She revealed in her autobiography how her father, Keith, threatened to “kick her off a balcony” when she was a baby and he was on drugs.

He also admitted to having ‘strangled’ Martine’s mother, Jenny, but let her live because she was ‘not worth going to jail for’.