There is a special relationship between Tamav and Pope Kyrillos. You could ask anybody traveling to Egypt to buy them for you or try to buy them online. At that time, it was usual for nuns to do a lot of work even on Sundays. At that time I was very young. Grandpa used to ask him to pray for the sick before God. Before I began work, I went to the mother superior with the Orbana and told her all what had happened.

She worked all day and prayed all night and abstained from meat, vegetables and fruits and only ate Halawa a sweet and molasses all year round. He was compelled by an Egyptian bishop to receive the order of priesthood, about the year , the fortieth of his age, that he might celebrate the divine mysteries for the convenience of this holy colony. He delivered his instructions in few words, and principally inculcated silence, humility, mortification, retirement, and continual prayer, especially the last, to all sorts of people. She loved all despite of job or rank. One day, she said: They rushed in to find St. Before reaching Assuit station which is midway between Cairo and Gerga, we were informed that there was a derailed train there.

After 25 years of moovie health, On 31 October Tamav died. Tamav relates how she spent the early days when she joined the convent and how her guardian angel accompanied her all the time. Retrieved from ” https: The physicians of the small town of Gerga were unable to help.

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I was one of his employees. She strictly fasted during the regular periods of fasting of the church and lead a very ascetic life.

But, it was already too late to find a carpenter so she gently addressed me saying:. Yassa taught him the tools of irens trade and was very generous with him. I said to myself: She worked all day and prayed all night and abstained from meat, vegetables and fruits and only ate Halawa a sweet and molasses all year round.


The tradition is that the antidoron is eaten right away without anything beside it. I asked Jovie to help me make a new beginning and avoid condemning others completely.

Gennadius says, that St. They came tzmav live within a walled enclosure, which included a church, refectory, dormitory, garden, and a separate lodging for visitors. For many years it contained no church and the nuns used to partake of holy Communion in the adjacent fourth century Abu-Seifein church. If we think years ago there were almost and sometimes nuns and monks in the monasteries, but…. Later, the maid came and as usual put the pillows in the balcony to expose them to the sun for some time.

Takav belongs to you in all this house except those two pictures! There is no harm in an extra bath!

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Her talks attracted many devotees, and the number of nuns increased under her guidance increased. She has departed on the 31st of October but love for her still goes on.

They were also holding crosses in their hands, They brought a chair and started taking its measures. The lady was struck with an epileptic fit and fell on the floor. Later Genevieve and Yassa gave birth to four girls and two boys. There is a special relationship between Tamav and Pope Kyrillos. In church history, there could be different saints who carry the same name; in this case the saint should be specified.

Why not join the convent of the Virgin at Zeiweila a very old suburb of Cairo? I cannot help not to look at her with admiration; an admiration that has not ceased though she has departed now since nine years. They also expressed their gratitude “for being the daughters of the mother of monasticism in this generation, for having been watered by the fountain of her sacred life and enlightened by the torch of her monastic and spiritual teachings which will remain to guide us until we meet her in heaven”.


You are influenced by those you spend the most time with. Eulita realized that it was an invitation from God to martyrdom, since she could not escape persecution.

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The steadfast Coptic Orthodox Church gave birth to thousands of saints and martyrs over the two thousand years. By the way, in the same convent, tmav had a sister who also departed shortly after her. Only He sympathies with us; we have nobody else but him. In the centuries that followed, women also sought a solitary life in the desert as anchorites, but disguised themselves as men.

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Later, I joined her at the times of prayer that were many a time accompanied with tears that were streaming over her cheeks. The older nuns and our confessor told each of us:. Are you not ashamed to call stones and wood, gods? It is a series of consecutive falls in spiritual life that might lead to desperation in the relationship with God and thus cause us to stray away too. The abundant grace of God has accompanied Fawzia since she was born and it was natural that God supports His chosen one.

I heard a miracle about Mother Irini. Just make the sign of the cross and all will vanish! It is a blessing.