Japan, , 76 mins. Hana-Bi is very sad and beautiful film, and these two, Brother and Hana-Bi, have much in common. Yet, their life decisions still find a way of catching up on them. Kitano’s distinctive blend of violence and melancholy gives this genre exercise unexpected emotional resonance. The film criticizes yakuza also pretty much and with the director’s personal style, as there are numerous scenes involving yakuza rites and codes of honor. Customer Review Rated Bad 8 – 8. Before long he has built up a new criminal empire, but one that seems destined to crumble as quickly as it rose.

Both films are also very calm and restrained and not as visually stunning as Hana-Bi and Sonatine. Takeshi Kitano must be the natural successor to Clint Eastwood as an anti-hero. Takeshi Kitano’s Brother is Kitano’s masterpiece among his other films. Free Hour of Skype Language Tutoring. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. It is still possible, even in the age of Blu-ray, for standard-definition to impress — order a DVD made by Mondo Macabro in the States for example, or ‘Shining Boy and Little Randy’ from this very website. Kitano’s violence is always very symbolic and sudden, and not necessarily realistic. I suspect that the film four version white cover is the uncut version at

Several yakuza from Tokyo are sent to Okinawa to help end a gang war. Omar EppsJoy Nakagawa. As far as the film taoeshi you will find plenty of reviews, if it is your taste you will probably love it too. When a lonely young boy takes to the road in search of his mother, a brash, gambling-crazed tough guy Kitano is recruited to act as his guardian, leading to several offbeat encounters.

Not a very long movie and moves very quickly which i didn’t subhitles like.

Japanese Directors – Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi)

Available on Prime Rainy Dog. Sadly, prior releases even on video were the same old prints that were used during it’s theatrical release. Read reviews that mention takeshi kitano los angeles omar epps drug dealer beat takeshi main character worth watching portrayal of the yakuza younger brother much better anything else worth seeing english language much of the time yakuza who goes brother may best movie kitano fans director takeshi lifestyle of japanese.


Alert me about new releases by email. A violence prone police officer discovers that his colleague is trafficking drugs. Takeshi Kitano plays a version of himself in which he’s a struggling director cycling through a number of different genres in an effort to complete his latest project. Collectibles Japanese Korean Chinese.

This actually showed me how a life with a gang can lead to a deadend. English Country of Origin: They run into trouble with other mobs in the city, but Aniki’s style of war brings them on a steady inclination to the top.

A young, naive boy sets out alone on the road to find his wayward mother. Actor-director Takeshi Kitano plays Kim Shunpei, a Korean immigrant in Japan who is more creature than man, prone to abusing his wife, fish cake factory underlings, and everyone else in his nefarious life.

Although, I’m was a little bit iffy because of the fact that Omar Epps was in it, and I was worried that it would be some piece of americanized garbage. Brother is not quite his best film, but you will realize that the focus is not on the story but on the themes of its story. Kato, the lieutenant Wakagashira of a huge organized yakuza syndicate Sannokai, which controls the entire Kanto region, is not pleased with the recent close relationship between its umbrella yakuza groups Ikemoto and Murase.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Brother

While in that film he successfully counterbalanced serious, shocking violence brofher humour and humanity, ‘Outrage’ offers only unleavened brutality.

Definitely one to add to your collection. Before long he has built up a new criminal empire, but one that seems destined to crumble as quickly as it rose. Related News Star Trek: Goofs When the driver of the car carrying Aniki is shot from behind, we see his blood splattered on the windscreen.


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Brother YIFY subtitles

It’s an acquired rbother. Start your free trial. This is actually the first movie I’ve ever bought online and at the time i loved it so much it became my favorite. A Japanese gangster is exiled to Los Angeles where his brother lives with a small ,itano respectable multi-racial gang, who he inspires to expand their influence.

So both are the same version DVD also includes Beat Takeshi’s Sonatinea brutal crime thriller about a world-weary yakuza who finds he’s been double-crossed after travelling to stop a gang war. Japan,mins. For more details, please refer to our return policy.

Anonymous January 29, This customer review refers to Brother Hong Kong Version 1 people found this review helpful owned it Brother is also occasionally filled with Kitano’s wry and personal humor which was at its taunting in his Boiling Point. Customers who watched this item also watched.

It was intelligent without being terribly confusing, and it was violent without being overly gross. Latifa as Tatyana M.

Free Hour of Skype Language Tutoring. Important information about purchasing this product: I believe kitsno is a German copy with English option. Another great movie for those who dont mind the subs as its entirely in Japanese cheers. Trivia This was Takeshi Kitano ‘s only American film he ever made. But thats not good enuf! I am totally stunned by cinematic styles Kitano uses in his films.