Eventually they round about admitted they had no rights to new seasons or intentions to air SPN anymore. Sam asked Martin Creaser Jon Gries to follow Benny, because he doesn’t trust him, once the old hunter is released from the mental hospital in which he has been residing. He is unaware of any of the events related to Heaven , or Lucifer and the Apocalypse and hasn’t even heard of the Winchesters. After searching out and getting beaten by other vampires, Benny calls Dean for help. At that point, Sam and Dean having killed Brian’s professor before tracing one of Brian’s cameras to the students’ home at the start of the episode finish watching the video. Meanwhile, the angel Samandriel Tyler Johnston , who is being held captive and tortured by Crowley’s forces, sends out a distress call to Naomi, who in turn sends Castiel to rescue him. Yet its being repeated on living as I speak! Castiel digs the bullet out of his wound and catching Ion by surprise, kills him by shoving the bullet into his eye.

October 30, at 6: You soldiers, down in the garrison, at least they let you believe the lie. Andrew G B Wood says: March 26, at June 1, at 1: July 24, at 1: As they are outnumbered, Castiel goes against Dean’s wishes by bringing in a reluctant Sam to help.

Castiel asks Dean for help, and they track Samandriel to Geneva, Nebraska. Now I will have to try to get season 9 form amazon.

Paying tv licence for stupid nonsense sypernatural on uk tv. October 19, at 8: But we’re heading somewhere. At the same time, the real Sam and Dean receive a message from Kevin, saying he is likely dead and is sending them all of his notes on the tablet. I feel better, yeah, um, just having a direction to move in. August 26, at 4: Eric Kripke created byBen Edlund.



Brian and Michael had begun making it to depict the details of their lives in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Three trials and the Winchesters get to lock the door on me.

December 17, at 6: An old friend returns to stir up trouble in Season 8″. James’ familiarPortia portrayed by Mishael Morgan approaches the Winchesters, revealing that she sent the text, and stating that James is having dreams of killing people who, in reality, are actually dying. Sam forces her to retreat by engulfing her in holy fire, and a tearful Crowley begins showing signs of becoming cured.

Meanwhile, Dean has recollections from his time in Purgatory wherein after much searching, he and Benny locate Castiel. They are a joke. September 19, at The group learns the book is the Red Ledger, a logbook of ultimately successful experiments that the Thule performed to learn how to resurrect people.

Im uk also and was watching supernatural on living however due to them mixing the episodes up and switching seasons i do the only sane thing possible. Meanwhile, in flashbacks viewers learn that Sam’s former lover Amelia lost her husband Don, and she and Sam begin a relationship.

The boat is merely a construct of Crowley’s to prevent Kevin from realizing he’s been kidnapped. Kevin starts hallucinating that Crowley is talking to him in his mind, so he contacts Sam and Dean to let them know about it.

Special 211, nose to the God-stone, that’s the way Dean speaks. Retrieved November 15, June 9, at 2: While trying to discover what the symbol means and who is causing it, Charlie is taken by the fairy Gilda Tiffany Dupontwho is the killer, having been forced to harm people against her will.


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Sam and Dean cremate Prometheus and Dean prays to Castiel to look after Sam who he knows is not doing as well as he pretends. Dude, you were like, four years old. November 11, at Upon tracking down the woman who received Brick’s heart Kyra ZagorskySam and Dean stab her in the heart, sparking a chain reaction that results in the deaths of not only the woman but also the recipients of Brick’s other organs.

Teaming up with him, they investigate the case. But when Sam and Dean arrive, they find no signs of struggle and the windows Crowley broke still intact, leaving Sam and Dean with no clues on the third trial and no Swison who they believe is on the run.

Anyone think that the directors and producers should consider a supernatural video game? Sam and Dean, waiting for Kevin to call with the next trial, find out about the apparent zombie from a magazine, and head off to investigate. While Dean confronts the doctor, Sam and Castiel enter Fred’s mind to speak to him.