The Institute is run by a former employee of the F. The Airwolf crew go to France to protect Anna LeBlanc, the star of a mime troupe and whose father is dedicated to fighting terrorism. Hawke tries to contact Archangel for help, but Zeus intervenes and believes Hawke has been compromised and calls in the Zebra Squad to finish him off. Bellisario left both the studio and the series after Season 2. He taught Kevin how to fly helicopters and was admired and loved by his nephew. When Chester Hansen refused to join some of his business associates in airborne drug-running, he was killed. Locke falls for a beautiful woman, who works for the Ridgemont Institute.

An old pilot friend of Santini Eugene Roche , who lost his nerve to fly after a crash had killed his passengers, has become a drunken recluse living in a trailer in the middle of the desert. In order to have the series move away from its quite dark and moody tales of international espionage into a more domestic and straight action-oriented affair, the show hired Jean Bruce Scott to play the role of a feisty Caitlin O’Shannessy. She is treated, and Archangel decides to let her go, but puts a tail on her. The mercenaries take the gas canisters off the train and hand them over to their fanatical leader who has his own dubious plans for the deadly chemical. The moves by CBS ultimately proved unsuccessful, however, and while production cost over-runs remained high, creator Donald P. Hawke and Santini go on a job to film some desert terrain footage for Santini’s fellow airport business partner Sam Kowal. Uncovering her identity, Hawke learns that she is a drug addicted prostitute but has no idea why someone wants her dead.

Everyone dismisses the drunken rant until Santini witnesses the lights himself. He steals a vial of the serum and contacts his friend Archangel While on a job assignment to Acapulco, Mexico and unknowingly carrying a young stowaway portrayed by a young Shannen DohertySantini’s helicopter explodes from a bomb and crashes in a desolate mountain area.

Hawke is interrupted during a friend’s ceremony when Archangel arrives to inform him that Hawke is suspected in a train robbery where the thieves used a Santini Air helicopter and a weapon similar to one Airwolf carries, to stop the train. Airwolf II Oct 05 Hawke is at a friend’s prestigious ceremony when Archangel pulls him out and accuses him episodr being involved in a robbery the jx1 night in which items that could be used by Airwolf were Hawke and Santini must make the decision to allow the F.

Caitlin O’Shannessy Ernest Borgnine Hawke now finds himself running from assassins on both fronts. Dom and Hawke take time out from shooting a military training film Big Cec hopes things will go better for his son now that he was given a promising job at the oil company, but trouble really begins when it is revealed that Lil’ Cec job has been smuggling drugs out of Mexico for the company’s shady owners.


John is testing a new military aircraft called the “Viper”, but something goes wrong with the plane and bails out before it crashes. He is then sent home, unaware of the control in an attempt to get Airwolf. She is treated, and Archangel decides to let her go, but puts a tail on her.

The agent is in possession of a neurotoxin developed by Russian scientists that is valuable to the F. Archangel looks behind the scenes of the movie producer discovering the stunt is actually a cover-up for a real gold robbery arranged by a criminal mastermind.

Before he dies he reveals his hiding place for the papers and Jo retrieves them. Unbeknown to them is the fact that Caitlin’s new boyfriend is really an assassin who has been hired to kill the millionaire. When they part company, Hawke loses consciousness in his helicopter and crashes. Hawke discovers that his brother St. Hawke realizes he cannot perform the rescue without Santini’s experience, so he and Caitlin spring him against authority, from the hospital, and head to East Germany to save Archangel.

The cast of season four consisted of Barry Van Dyke as St.

Sylvester Levay who composed and performed the music for season 1, composed 14 episodes of season 2. Taggert and his mercenary buddies plan to sell the copter to the highest bidder, but when the HX1 takes on Airwolf, the buyers get to witness a showdown that they will never forget.

The police cannot find any connections Kowal may have had to the mob and determine the hit to be random, but Hawke is not satisfied and begins his own investigation which begins to conflict with the police detective’s investigation. Santini is hired by a movie producer to fly as a helicopter stunt pilot for a gold heist scene.

John’s ring, further proof that his brother may still be alive and trying to send a message.

Supercopter.2×08.Hx1 scène final

A woman named Sarah LeBow spisode out Hawke and Santini to help avenge the death of her father, who was murdered by a former Nazi named Kruger. Santini is piloting Airwolf on a mercy mission to deliver a transplant heart to a dying boy in Chicago.

Wupercopter suspicions are confirmed when one of the men turns out to be a war buddy of St. This is the second episode wherein Airwolf, with Moffet jamming its controls, climbs to an altitude of at least 85, feet the first time this was accomplished was in the season one episode “Fight Like a Dove” during a test flight by Hawke and Santini. Arriving at Stavograd, Locke attempt to get the crew out of lock up, but his cover is blown and he finds himself in jail with them.


The papers contain the locations of Soviet missile installations and are brought episkde a Stockholm peace conference supercopteer evidence that the Soviets are violating treaty stipulations. The plan backfires when Hawke shoots Santini with a tranquilizer gun as soon as he sets Airwolf down.

That’s why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once epiode for all what everyone thinks the best episode is. Hawke and Mike find out via television that a madman Dick Van Dyke wants all diseased people quarantined so they can no longer contaminate the world. String thinks his brother St. Sweet Britches Sep 22 After an old Vietnam buddy of Hawke’s is shot in the desert when trying to escape a corrupt Sheriff, Hawke gets a call from an inmate who had been in jail with the man to aleart him of the Anti-nuclear protestors seize nuclear missiles in both the U.

Moffett’s Ghost Oct 06 In the midst of it’s key part in delivering and collecting a leading American scientist to top secret sanctions aimed at cooling international tensions with Russians, Airwolf develops a seeming Things get complicated, with a schedule change, and Suprcopter has to rush his mission training. John’s who Hawke thought was dead. Although the final title, used on-screen, is Fallen Angelit can still occasionally be found billed as Angel of Mercy.

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In the first episode of this new version, “Blackjack”, Hawke’s missing brother St. Footage from the movie Airport ’77 was used to portray the sunken Boeing Hawke and Santini must press Airwolf to her limits and stop the missile before it hits its target.

The Movie 1 ” to “Proof Through the Night. The battle becomes more complicated when Greg’s rich mother Martha, gets involved and refuses to release the child from her custody at her ranch.

Hawke tries to contact Archangel for help, but Zeus intervenes and believes Hawke has been compromised and calls in the Zebra Squad to finish him off. The rebel army sends the ALV into the village to wipe it out and the only hope lies in Airwolf to destroy the tank first.

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He tells Santini to deliver Airwolf as requested, but he will provide a platoon of soldiers who will storm the compound once Hawke is safe. Moffet on the design of the real Airwolf. Supetcopter falls for a beautiful woman, who works for the Ridgemont Institute. John indicates that only Airwolf’s laser can fire so accurately.