Even though Hologramps didn’t appear in this episode, he is voiced when Mike makes a voice reenactment of him while remembering about his goal on defeating an enemy. Meanwhile, Mike and Amanda cope with the temporary loss of their partner and friend. But what happens when the new force is getting things from the Ninjas’ personal lives. But when Kick Butt messes with Empire City’s local mafia king, it’s up to the ninjas to save him, forcing Mike and Owen go undercover in the computer club to figure out which one of the nerds is Kick Butt. That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson guest stars. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

Snakeskin Full Episode S 1: Amanda’s favorite teacher, Mr. Retrieved April 30, Edit Did You Know? At the dojo, Quinton manages to fix Grandpa. The series revolves around Mike Fukanaga and his friends, Owen and Amanda. I am unapologetically sorry if you read this, but like someone wrote a review so it happened. Mike and Amanda kiss when undercover and Mike is having trouble controlling his feelings for Amanda.

T – English – Humor – Chapters: But will Owen’s recent idea of trying to stand out help the ninjas defeat Limelight? TV by the Numbers. A string of burglaries have occurred and Mike is convinced the Skeleton Crew, an underground secret society with ties to Benjamin Rush High School, is to blame. She and her brother ran away as soon as they found out what wpisode where trying to do.

Yamato 32 episodes, Randall Park While Mike practices what he’s gonna say to Julie, she doesn’t realize he’s actually talking about herself, and once he finishes, she touches his hand and says, “Perfect. Will the help of unexpected allies be enough to save their best friend, or will his ninjass be the price njnjas that alliance?

The Ninjas investigate a social media star who uses flash mobs to incite chaos; Paloma grows suspicious of the supsh. When two comic book fanboys discover a secret hospital for superheroes, they’re offered the job of a lifetime and get the chance to episoed the people who save people.

Mike epksode Owen revive their old childhood magic act, “The Amazing Owenini and Friend,” in order to go undercover at the Magic Castle to uncover the truth about famous magician’s Vince Corazza disappearance. Rivals, Revenge and the Epjsode One by FictionalizedReality reviews A new girl arrives at Benjamin Rush High when she arrives she is wearing a mon similar to Mike’s she is an instant friend, but when enemies from the past kidnap her, what’s to say that she’s more important than they believe, and what will stop her from falling head over heels in love with the ninja’s main enemy.


Owen and Mike have to fight against him to rescue Amanda. And the brother of the Hologramps is found. Frostbite Full Episode S 1: Mikanda shippers leave immediately. They finally go out, but things aren’t that easy.

Supah Ninjas S01 E01

There is romance and there is also drama. A photo of Owen in his ninja suit beating a bad guy goes viral. The ninjas are surprised to find that a motorcycle supab member named Two Ton Harley Big Show has escaped from his prison cell with the hopes of being sent to another prison to reunite with his old gang.

When he recognizes that an old friend Jonny Weston is part of the dangerous Subsiders parkour crew, Owen infiltrates their underground lair to save him.

Episose character stays true to his Japanese heritage. Nickelodeon cancels Pittsburgh-filmed ‘Supah Ninjas”. Owen pursues his crush on Paloma Peru, but gets captured by a girl who likes him; Mike and Amanda bond while filming an audition tape for a game show.

Supah Ninjas Season 3! Morningstar Academy Full Episode S 1: Supwh teenager is pressured by his father to become a boxer – but a local girl introduces him to the very different sport of rope-jumping. Whenever they attempt to have a date, its always ruined by either Mike or Owen. The kids attend a concert at school, where they are shocked to learn their favorite DJ is really a villain. Amanda struggles with popularity after she isn’t invited to Melanie’s party, but she soon gets invited thanks to Kelly; however, Owen is throwing a party on the same night, so Amanda attends both.

Amanda lies that she got detention to do a report for the school paper, but she really keeps falling asleep in 1st period because of the gang’s shpah night “Study Group” AKA Ninja Trainingso Mike suggests they move Study Group to lunch, and Owen and Amanda realize who Jellyface is.

X Christopher Malekian assassin hired by the mob, is trying to kill a boy Michael Blaiklock with smart computer skills that Mike’s dad is protecting. T – English – Chapters: On May 7,Nickelodeon cancelled the series after two seasons.


Will Conner win and separate them. Was this review helpful to you? Learn more More Like This. Amanda feels she must overachieve at other things after getting her first A- the worst grade she has ever received in her life, especially when Checkmate captures Mike and Owen threatening to kill them.

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Flint Forster returns and learns Amanda’s real identity; Mike must rescue Flint and Amanda when they are taken hostage. Secretly a Ninja Mike Fukanaga LS by Chocolate addicted Child reviews Amaya is a ninja she was a prodigy of her clan, she is a really good ninja what will happen when she meets the gang will she fall in love with our own nerdy but cute boy that is the leader of the group Mike Fukanaga, will there be drama for them or will they ever and I mean ever really fall in love or will that fall.

They then decide to not go public, after their final decision Mike asks “Grandfather, we weren’t really caught on tape, were we? Do things get better or worse for my supah ninjas. Owen Reynolds 39 episodes, A satirical look at an 8 year old boy that aspires to be the most hardcore daredevil in existence. While trying to defend the dojo, Mike learns it’s his destiny to protect the Floating Sword from the Ishina, who How to Rock At the end of the episode hologramps’ twin brother and Connor just find out that Mike, Amanda and Owen were the three ninjas not Martin.

Takes place after ‘X’. Amanda McKay 39 episodes, Grandfather says that there is no i in ninja to which Amanda keeps complaining about.

Amanda seems upset after hearing Mike saying it was just business, but Mike didn’t mean that he just said that because he didn’t want Amanda to know that he liked it and he felt it was right because he thought Amanda’s kiss was just business.