Season 5, Episode 3 – “Legacy: Episode 4” Scott and Stonebridge prepare for an attack by Al Qaeda while holed up in an Algerian farmhouse with the nomad leader and the wounded courier. Strike Back was nominated for six accolades, winning two. Season 5, Episode 7 – “Legacy: Episode 5” Stonebridge and Scott pose as aides for arms dealer Gerald Crawford to negotiate the release of hostage, Dr. Season 2, Episode 5 – “Project Dawn: After the mission, Stonebridge is given the antidote to the toxin, and Kamali is executed by al-Zuhari’s men for being a double agent. Section 20 attempts a brazen rescue mission to get her back.

Episode 2″ Scott and Stonebridge discover that the terrorists in the hotel are searching for Mahmood. The two leads Stapleton and Winchester underwent the most intensive training. Episode 3″ Locke works out that his long-time friend is working with the dangerous Yakuza and Office Even as they continue to suspect Zarkova’s motives, Section 20 journeys to the Punchan Province and connects with Lauren Gillespie, a DEA agent with inside intel on Zaza and Dagon, his second in command. Series 3 teaser trailers”. Episode 7″ Stonebridge and Scott go to Kosovo to exchange a prisoner for kidnapped European Union officials.

Strike Back

Although Scott gains the file that would clear his name, he decides to burn the file and remain in Section Episode 4″ At a remote facility outside Cape Town, Connolly stdike in on his WMD prize, while Stonebridge and Scott are faced with dilemmas that could have far-reaching implications on their organization – and on the thread that connects them to Latif.

Clearly the showrunners knew this was their last season and they wanted to go out with a bang and wrap the Section 20 saga up in style. Married at First Sight 6. The ten-part third series, under the title Strike Back: They build and improvised nuclear device and plan to set it off at a summit in Geneva. Episode 9″ The team run into trouble as they race to get Idrisi back across Europe.


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Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker. Filming the first series began in South Africa in August[31] and was shot with 35mm film.

The tvragge series of Strike Back was released on a two-disc set on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on 7 June in the United Kingdom Region 2[60] [61] after only over two weeks since the conclusion of the series on television. Mei is blamed for the failure—despite repeatedly warning her government about Section 20—and turns rogue, activating a network of sleeper agents across Europe. The actors are convincing and clearly trained for the roles.

Continuing his vendetta, Ulyanov closes in on Scott and Stonebridge.

Episode 10 Season 4 A Section 20 operation in the Beqaa Valley goes badly resulting in Baxter’s death. Twenty acquires an optic drive with a message from al-Zuhari about an attack. Episode 4″ Scott and Stonebridge prepare for an attack by Al Qaeda while holed up in an Algerian farmhouse with the nomad leader and the wounded courier. Season 7, Episode 7 – “Revolution: Episode 7” Knox extricates a political leader from a Zimbabwe prison, and the unit tries to catch up with the escapee by tracking his activist daughter.

All original author and copyright information must remain intact. Not knowing what Scott and Stonebridge were about to walk into in a scary place like North Korea was so unnerving. Season 4 Production Recon, Day 62 Hungary.


Julia Richmond [ ] Rhashan Stone as Maj. Season 2, Episode 5 – “Project Dawn: Three Kodak film stocks were used for filming the series, along with a variety of Arri cameras. Season 3, Episode 9 – “Vengeance: Tvrsge the conclusion of the series, two of the bombs were recovered, and the remaining two were disarmed before they could destroy Johannesburg.

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Al-Zuhari’s network moves forward quickly, striking close. In Vienna, Scott and Stonebridge tangle with North Korean renegades, the Russian mafia, and the world’s most dangerous bomb maker.

The broadcast title of the series since the second series, Project Dawn. Available on Prime Under Cover. After gack second series was commissioned, it was announced that Cinemax would co-produce the franchise.

Stonebridge, Scott and the S20 team get more than they bargained for when the daughter of the British Ambassador to Thailand is kidnapped. Retrieved 3 October They go in with support from Georgian commandos, which are eliminated by explosives. Season 6, Episode 3 – “Retribution: Though weaker, Stonebridge gets direct knowledge of Al-Zuhari’s plan. Season 6, Episode 10 – “Retribution: Episode 8” Seasln Summary Available Grant threatens Maggie about her story.

The team races to locate Stonebridge, whose condition grows more dire when he encounters Al-Zuhari’s plan firsthand.