If you happen to have a Star Wars costume, feel free to dress up! He was able to return home when Napoleon granted amnesty to all deserters in We call her the Queen of Martyrs because of her intense and unity with her suffering Son which brought about a spiritual martyrdom which was even more intense than a physical martyrdom. She must shed copious tears of sorrow when she sees the lack of respect and almost total disregard by politicians, many of them Catholic, for the sacredness of human life in our society and the continued killing of the unborn fetus before he or she ever sees the light of day. He often spent hours in the confessional and as a spiritual director. Wherever he went he showed himself in word and deed to be a man of the Gospel. Let us ask St. One thing that I can say is that we have a strong devotion to the Rosary in our parish.

The 24 hour day is separated into eight equal parts which begins with the various watches. In order to stop the IRS from revoking the tax exempt status of religious institutions that refuse to marry two men or two women,? Even more trying was the constant attracts of the devil over a thirty year period. Most Christmas carols have a religious theme, and many tell a story. Please contact Caryn Fossile at for more information. You can find us by searching for Southern Maryland Community Resources, or clicking on the link below.

Look for us on Facebook. Anticipation of our being judged by God is not something we should fear, but it is something we should prepare for. However, it is much more than just a fundraiser. In a decision, the U. We think of Simeon?

I thought is was well written. It continues because Christians moviw the suburbs could not always travel to Rome for the Eucharist. With this in mind, I wonder how any committed Christian can back anything like this. She managed a hospital at Oahu.


Lawrence Ruiz and Companions, Martyrs. Somerville Joins Hands with Bridgewater, Raritan.

Pastors Ponderings

On Saturday, August 8, we celebrated the feast of an important saint, St. When 20 years of age, he began his studies for the priesthood but encountered difficulties in his studies especially in Latin.

Then, when Jesus was twelve his parents, following Jewish law and custom took Jesus to Jerusalem for the Passover. Yes, as we look at the moral landscape of our nation, that thought provoking question has to be asked by all of us. Little Jesus got lost, and we think of the anxiety of his parents.

Jesus says this many times over and he says it again in the scriptures. During a time of hunger he sold his books, precious items in those days, in order to feed the poor. After you have written to your senator and representative, commit your daily Rosary for the Victory of Our Lady over this serpent of evil.

She was sentenced to a life of prostitution, but movvie body became heavy srjv stone; even a team a oxen could not move her.

Pastor’s Ponderings – Page 13 – Saint John Vianney Catholic Church

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina St. In other words, we can declare that same sex marriages are wrong; however, we can be still forced to perform them. A man by the name of Louis Prang printed the first Christmas cards in America in Frans van der Lugt Fr. She left Syracuse and arrived on November 8, Why does the priest pour water into the wine and put a piece of the consecrated bread into the cup?


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John Vianney, and I think that it is appropriate to give the general details of his life. John the Apostle St. Wherever he went he etjv himself in word and deed to be a man of the Gospel. John of the Cross St. Well to compare the news coverage of the Confederate Flag within the first six days of the horrific South Carolina shooting versus the stuv six days of the first Planned Parenthood stvj.

Though an ecclesiastical student, through an error, he was inducted in the army in but deserted. Clients are asked to use non-perishable meals sent out earlier Added to this is the buying and selling of body parts for profit by such organizations as Planned Parenthood.

Mary’s and Calvert County members at this free event. What day is it?? Like all of our programs, this dance will be inclusive, family-friendly, and fun! Most of these carols were poems that were later set to music. Both actions are very ancient and began as practical necessities, but eventually the necessities mkvie and were even forgotten.

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There are many opportunities for sponsorship. For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate the table. Lucy relied on God? John Paul II St. Margherita Marchione Sri Lanka Ss.

She died August 8, The Holy Family experienced many problems. Therefore, no Catholic can plead ignorance.