I recommend “Spellbinder” for those who want to try something refreshingly different in the late ’80s horror genre, something that wisely neither plays all its cards in the first half-hour nor cuts them up and drenches them in gore. Jeff brings her home and they have one night stand; but she moves to Jeff’s apartment and they start living together. While Paul helps Correon prepare for the challenge, Gryvon sabotages Correon’s power-suit on Ashka’s orders. Jeff Mills, is an Los Angeles lawyer who one night encounters a young woman who gets in a very heated argument with one very creepy man. Retrieved 14 August Now, the lawyer risks his own life to keep her from her murderous colleagues. Although the man did warned him about crossing his path and he finds out the hard way, that there’s a murderous cult who want Miranda back and they will do anything in doing so.

Jeff unknowing becomes involved with Miranda Kelly and the web of intrigue that follows her. The Marauders, however decide to banish Correon. Brian, doesn’t believe them, still under the assumption that his son is lost in the bush. The movie is insipid, most of the “scary” parts are actually funny, and the ending is obvious even if it isn’t happy. Gryvon manages to steal Correon’s power-suit, which was taken from him by the Marauders. Ashka orders the guards to detain Riana, after framing her for helping Paul escape the castle.

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This causes the flying ship, with Paul and Riana inside to crash. On 03 SeptemberI saw this movie again. A coven of Satanists perform a human sacrifice every Winter Solstice.

Paul saves two villagers from being ambushed by two real Marauders. Shes ridden to the Sabbath, she’s made spellhinder to the Devil, she is a witch.

Using Paul’s radio, he hears of Paul’s escape. At the summoning tower, Paul connects the chain to the tower, just as Ashka and Gryvon arrive. The primary purpose of the summoning tower is to contact the Spellbinders when they are needed. Paul refuses, so Correon shows the book he retrieved from the old Spellbinder’s castle to the Marauders. It scared me, and it disappointed me. George Harrison song cameo.

Paul meets a girl there named Riana, and they become friends. This site uses cookies. White, Audra Lindley, aka Mrs.


Unfortunately, Gryvon doesn’t believe him. The Spellbinders have discovered the power to create and manipulate static electricity. If melodramatic dialogue does a lot for you, you’ll be in ecstasy. Although, one thing remained clear; gentlemen, you may want to think twice theā€¦. This horror film kept me glued to the syynopsis from beginning to end. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Despite her father’s objections, Riana leaves the village to help Paul. She then encounters Correon in his study, where he is examining Paul’s belongings. It starts off with a guy snyopsis trouble with a girl, of course syhopsis is helping the girl and from there on it starts going.

All of a sudden we start getting some great, memorable moments, like Audra Lindley’s radical way of turning negative attention towards Tim Daly from his coworkers; the scene where the entire cult of satanists are peering through the windows at Daly and Preston, pressing up against them and bending syonpsis glass; and of course the last 25 minutes, which is the best part.

Spellbinder () Movie Review

An error has occured. The rigid hierarchy that defines the Spellbinder society may therefore be weakening, ssynopsis Correon believes that ‘things must change around here’. The two become friends. Paul is taken to Correon’s study, where he is reunited with Riana. Moments later, Correon enters the room, surprising everyone present. Retrieved from ” https: This film starts off slowly but builds up the surprises and the shocks.

Back at the Marauder’s campsite, Zander persuades the Marauders to release Correon, believing he can bring peace. It coasts pretty far on Tim Daly and Kelly Preston’s chemistry together. Always looking for good flicks spellbunder add to my instant s;ellbinder. Roddy 22 December Paul uses the gunpowder to scare the Marauders, saving the village. Still, I imagine it would’ve been mvie more effective as an hour-long horror anthology episode than a feature.

That night, Paul and Correon try to escape the Marauder’s base but they get lost in a maze of rock formations which surround the camp. Use the HTML below. They return to the summoning tower, where the doorway is open, but Ashka arrives.


Bob McCracken as Simmons. Paul and Riana’s escapes also add tension, as do the interactions between Spellbinders. Although Correon was previously only interested in rediscovering the secrets of the Ancient Spellbinders, he now seems sympathetic to the problems of the people outside his castle, even deciding to share the Spellbinder’s knowledge with everyone outside the castle.

Don’t miss this film! I think perhaps it was shocking just because up until the last 10 minutes the film was largely inoffensive! I fortunately hadn’t read any spoilers on here when I watched it so I really didn’t even know there were any “twists” in the plot, and the film is smart not to overplay certain types of clues that other horror films make so obvious that it’s insulting to the viewer, like the dinner party scene where Preston and spelblinder older woman don’t get along, etc.

Tricky everything’s a tricksuperficial, and bland. Written by Jeff Smee. Knowing that the Regents are listening, Paul plays Ahska’s confession on his camera. Back in Paul’s world, Katrina and Alex an literature camp, which will take them back to the campsite where Paul disappeared. The kind of twist that makes every effort done by the nice guys seem in vain. There, Paul secretly uses his camera to record Ashka who reveals her plan to overthrow the Regents. Diane Racine as Woman in Coven. Regent Correon, with Paul’s help, discovers an ancient book that describes an experiment of the ancient Spellbinders that went horribly wrong, but this book is destroyed by Ashka before more can be learned.

Back at the campsite, the police and Paul’s father are looking for Paul, believing he is lost in the bush. People who are moviw to the wastelands are sometimes saved by, and then join, the group of raiders known spllbinder Marauders. It looks like we don’t have a Synopsis for this title yet.