Back to weekly episodes. I rest my case. That is so ‘s! How did Chartfag miss this!? Amongst the porn stars being auctioned for a whopping , yen an hour, Marie Ozawa. This episode we talk about: Ladies, you want to know what your man is like when you’re gone?

Not much anime again this week, but that should be set to change pretty soon! Sexy Air StewardessesThe dark ages, before internet porn. No, not quite episode 71, but episode 1 of our re-named show Ani-Pac! Download Episode 79, here. Download Episode 88, here. I review the Tower of Druaga! Back to the format you all know and love.

Who should be Major Matoko Kusanagi? Back to the format you all know and love. This is a very personal episode posted by Dane. At any rate, the show now includes the proper spoiler warning, and I am once again in the last 5 minutes or so of the show. However, it must be reiterated: Now, it’s a popularity content involving mainstream shows. episodf

Episode 77: Urabon Mein Fraulein?

Super Fun Patrol A weekly podcast highlighting the happenings and going-ons of the lives of two uni students whose interests include video games, movies, general pop culture, vsoh of course, Australian culture. Download Episode 87, here. Playing on all devices. Shootin’ The BreezeA mysterious thin Gaijin with glasses appears in the Japanese adult video classic, ” innocent girls study the penis 3″.

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Shootin’ The BreezeBesides discussing the obvious, Alex discusses the vast, and somewhat scary Chronicles of Gor series. Listen to the Super Fun Patrol comedy podcast and find out! We chat a bit more about the Ghost in the Shell live action film, I smell disaster.


Tales from Asia We discuss the art of hiding porn from spouses and host families, Japanese style! An anime in which our heroes get power from breast milk!? Shootin’ The BreezeI reveal my intense hatred for smokers who give me second hand smoke: Tower of DruagaWhat has saved studio Gonzo?

I said it was profitable, which it wasn’t, initially. Download Episode 88, here.

This episode we talk about: Back to it’s original website. I tell you folks, this episode was cursed. In some ways, each town, its characters and challengers is akin to a thinking man’s Shounen fighting arc. MailAlex gets a male mail of a political nature and is utterly jubilant, resulting in an impassioned response.

Download episode 75, here. This episode, we discuss a whole heap of crap delightful tidbits and Alex finally digs his teeth in some male mail! The Legend of KoizumiPromos played: Download episode 84, here. Quick, call the paparazzi! Well, okay, Dane pooched the editing eposode. Souten Kouro, in half of its 24 episode length, has valiantly stormed its way into my top ten anime TV series, ever. Oh yes, third year anniversary?

She does not exist. One of the best films of all time. Anime Pacific Episode How did Chartfag miss this!? It rhymes with Tony Danza so it must be good. Alex searched in vain, but no Tom Selleck.


Eden of the EastAlex gives this Josei title, a mighty thumb up! Listen and find out. What did you think of the trailer? I rest my case. Get THOR’s p release. Here’s a huggable pillow containing a character who is 10 years old; oh Gonzo!

See you next week, chums. Download episode 86, here. What do men talk about when women aren’t around? Alex is right, that character is disturbingly loli. Why are one hundred groups subbing Naruto, yet no one is subbing Souten Kouro? Kind of a promotional shot We also discuss how the publishers of the English “Spice and Wolf” novels have de-manga-fied the book cover in order to widen their potential audience, despite the vast amount of Episode Download episode 83, here.

Old imperial probe droid shells have become a fashion sensation Tales from AsiaWe discuss the art of hiding porn from spouses and host families, Japanese style! One of Anime Pacific’s better shows if I may say so.