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Sophie Ellis-Bextor sets the record straight after Strictly comments | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 42, recently opened up about her time on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, admitting the BBC program felt like a ‘cult’ and that her pairing with Brendan Cole put such strain on her marriage that her husband Richard, went to therapy. But the singer admitted that despite her rocky background, she still loves dancing and still watches the show.

Sophie previously explained that she thinks Strictly should employ an adviser to “check in with candidates” as the process can be exhausting.

In a new interview, that belief remained strong, as she described the show as “intense.”

“Certainly when I went through it, it would have been nice for people to check in a bit to ask how you feel,” she said.

“Because it’s so far out of your comfort zone.

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“Just because you’re in the public eye doesn’t mean you’ve been through something like this before.”

Sophie went on to tell Radio Tmes: “I know for a lot of candidates it’s very big life changes so I think that was the point I was trying to make.

“We learn that with all kinds of reality shows, don’t we?”

But despite her torment, she admitted she “enjoyed it a lot” and still keeps in touch with Brendon.

“Richard started to struggle with my involvement as soon as the show launched,” she wrote.

“It was so hard on him that I remember wondering if they had ever seen a contestant walk away from the show before they had even danced their first dance.”

Sophie admitted Richard feared he was ‘losing her’ – ‘I think he thought something was waking up inside me and he felt he wasn’t part of my future,’ she wrote.

“I never, ever felt that way, but I couldn’t convince him.

“He could see that I was completely engrossed in the show and engrossed in the intensity of it and the constant learning, learning, learning that you share with another person – your dance partner.”

She explained that Richard felt like she “could slip into a new life that left our family behind”.

“I had no such desire, but I was too exhausted at the end of the day to give him the comfort he needed,” she sighed.

“I think the only real reassurance might come with the end of the show.”

Sophie’s full interview can be read now in Radio Times.