The PD you are comparing these cameras to was an SD camera with much bigger pixels than most HD cameras and as a result better sensitivity. Desperate to this circumstance I beg you to help me fix the problem. My one concern though is it seems to crush the blacks to much overall. Previous Post Next Post. Ok, so my last thread semi-related to this topic died out pretty quickly, so what I’d like to do it get MORE specific info from everyone, if you have the time to share them. A flat picture may be much less appealing but gives you lot of flexibility. But this accuracy also means that any deficiency in the light source will be more noticeable.

Hi Alister thanks so much for the awesome picture profiles! FLD filter was a waste of money. I will not be able to grade much in post because of time constraints. Thanks for all your great articles! Hi Tom, I just had a fast look to your previous thread. You know very well your camera and how to get what you want. I think you will get more of what you want and the look you need more from that camera with prime lenses than with the EX-1 or EX

I would make sure you are white balancing correctly and try to get a better light source.

ex1 Picture profile settings i use | Philip Bloom- Blog

You may want to try turning detail off all together. Filn think you are going to have to eat yourself through the menus…. But I wanted to know what you think and can see with these settings.


I will not be able to grade much in post because of time constraints. I have used your neutural F3 settings for the last month and they are great!

I normally use Cinegamma 1 as this gives good latitude and is probably the best performer when it comes to grading. You are commenting using your Twitter account. What would you recommend, proflle I have to do it in post??

EX1 and EX3 Picture Profiles.

It’s known to cause issues when using the shutter. I’ve been using a slightly tweaked version of this PP for indoors and outdoors with good results. Thank you for giving me all this useful information.

So caucasian skins appear really red with very less Blue.

Instead of the current 8-bit image processing, 10 bits would have made more sense in capturing a film look, e. Computer monitors are notorious for introducing artifacts that are not really there. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this, and all your hard work. With the Cine Gammas, there is no knee. June 6 update: Okay, now I’m confused. Hi William, could you give me a link to the pdf with explanations to the PP from Wolfgang? Cameras are shipped with the settings usually right looj the middle.

And from your personal experience what would you recommend?

If the image is static then pixel to pixel contrast changes are easily determined, but if the image is moving pprofile don’t get the same difference between pixels and the detail enhancement level drops off as a result.


Can I use f3 settings on EX?

I have just found your blog! You know very well your camera and how to get what you want. You really are a life saver. I have had problems with natural colour setting i need your help. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Shoot one minute shots similar to what you normally would shoot. If you manually copy the F3 settings into the EX3 they should be extremely close.

Marvels’ EX1 and EX3 profile settings for Filmic Look | Marvelsfilm’s Blog

Kibbutz Ein-Hashofet, Israel Posts: However if you want to give the post production guys as much as possible to work with you want to shoot with a flat neutral look. FLD filter was a waste of money. I have a Sony PMW-ex1r and was wondering if you could help me with the camera settings. The slope function just changes the gain of the selected gamma curve.

Nicely un-documented by Sony: Switch off the image stabilizer Try to shoot on manual focus if you can; pull the focus-ring of the lens back towards you to click wony into full manual focus mode.