Javier Franquelo as Chuck Thorndyke Spain dub. Moi Animation Animation Production: Login or Register forgot it? Due to that, the whole city’s home appliances start moving on their own and attacking humans. Manolo Rey Music Director: The battle is over, and the group reflects on what they’ve just been through. Views Features Reviews Columns.

Season 1 86 The Deuce: Gunnar Ernblad as Eggman. Nidal Hammadi as Knuckles. The government tells Rouge to become the President’s agent, and to infiltrate Dr. Meanwhile, Big and Chris find Froggy, but end up being met with Eggman. The Click – April 15th – April 21st Apr 15,

It is then suggested that Sonic and the others should be returned into their own world, but Chris does not appear willing to let Sonic metarexx. Chris, wanting to get Sonic and his friends back to their own world as soon as possible, ends up handing the Chaos Emeralds stored by Chuck over to Eggman.

Eggman Joins the War! Nidal Hammadi as Knuckles. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. There, they find what appears to be a research procedure of some sort as well as a Chaos Emerald, or at least, what looks like it.

The group must prevent the Metarex from stealing the Planet Egg again. Atsumi special guest appearance; eps Mimika Iwa Digital Paint: Jeff Dalessandro eps November 21, [57].


Its interior is a mysterious tunnel-shaped space, and with the sprouting space rubbish that looks epiode roots of a plant megarex the way, the ship cannot proceed further. On a mission to save his friend, Sonic accidentaly sets off a machine that performs Chaos Control, warping him, his friends, and Eggman, to a world of humans.

Homeward There would be 22 Seasons instead of the 9 Seasons we got.

No score yet – based on 0 Critics Awaiting 4 more reviews What’s this? Amy Palant as Tails. Mauro Di Staso Stefano Morandi.

Sonic X (Anime) – TV Tropes

Lies Visschedijk as Bokkun Lindsey Rouge. Bart Fennis as Chris. Michele Dunn eps Supervising Producer: Masakazu Morita as Chris adult; ep Laura Vlasblom as Cheese Tails. The Click – August 25 – 31 Aug 25, Theron Martin has the details.

Ambrogio Colombo as Tanaka. This is the last episode to use the plot of Sonic Battle. Marc Thompson eps Chris cannot confidently defend Sonic and goes to stop him, but deep down he knows that the sunlight’s blockade was in fact part of Eggman’s evil plan. Kenta Miyake as Vector. Massimiliano Gusmini Michele Monestiroli.

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Gianina Talloni as Crema Cream. Duel Monsters Aug 22, Jacopo Castagna as Christopher “Chris” Thorndyke. Jetix Polska from 4 September Polsat. Rebecca Silverman digs in. Having learned this, Sonic heads out to Chris’ group’s assistance.


Originally posted by Das:. Sonic attempts to escape, but with the Chaos Emeralds all in one place, he and Shadow are locked in a showdown. Sonic and the others have to find a solution to this problematic situation.

Lee Yeongran as Amy. Juus Piek as Chuck Episoxe. Hideaki Miyamoto Production Desk: Franco Mannella as Guard A ep Then, they attempt to capture Sonic by making up a hoax about a Chaos Emerald making an appearance. Saori Sugimoto as Boo 1. Chelo Vivares as Madre de Cream Spain dub. Chuck and Tails’ group commence a Sonic capture operation in order to stop him as he’s running all around.

Sonic X (TV)

Sonic comes running to help Chris’ group from their predicament, but the Chaos Emerald ends up being robbed by Eggman. Vyacheslav Baranov as Eggman. Eggman’s base is destroyed. The Click – June 16 – 22 Jun 16, Sonic and friends rescue a mysterious space ship chased sonif the Metarex, but it turns out that the ship’s pilot was Eggman’s robot helper Decoe.

Deb digs in to it.