All this time I thought it was Yeo-Jin who had done it. I’m so glad Lee Min-Jung finally has a good rom-com. Jung-woo is still caught up in his lovesickness frenzy and repeats in desperation that he likes her. I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of OTP’s that are set up as canon from the head-go Sabrina Lim April 13, at 7: And it’s not because I drank prosecco with my mother. Is it because their personalities are well matched, or because they look good together, or because there is something very sweet about being married once?

The suspense hurts so good! Her crying in episode 14 is so effective and real that makes the absurd setup of the scene irrelevant. All in all, I would recommend. Episode 16 was a bit rushed. I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of OTP’s that are set up as canon from the head-go The results may have been different but that’s not the point.

No one seems dramafirr say that it’s okay to have a leg like that. I’ve only seen him in Ane Doctor but I am not excited to see him in another drama. Although it would have been nice and endearing to have that one perfect character I expected Puppy to be it but then again, that’s life yknow, no one is perfect. Ennui Young April 28, at It causes him to pause for a long moment, and remember his time with Ae-ra. I can understand how she feels about it, but I have issues: If we have to go at lengths to find meaning to it, it gets a little far-fetched and becomes a guessing game for the viewer, which I don’t believe it should be.


Purplecow, See you again soon. Later, while waiting for the elevator, Team Leader Wang surprises Ae-ra and me with some sincere encouragement about her job. Need I say more?

I really like her, but I feel that quite a few of her previous dramas have let her talent go to waste, so it’s great she finally had a good vehicle with Sly and Single Again. For its imperfection, for its cliche story, for its simplicity, for its good writers, for its lovely JSW-LMJ damn, I love themanything about this drama. SH, man he looked really awful now.

I meant the death card in this episode, not from the retreat. Plus he looks awesome in every shot.

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I’m crazy in live episodf him, now: Kim Kyu Ri Main Cast. I was actually kinda hoping that they would find happy endings apart from each other. I think the drama perfectly potrayed that when you actually married for love and just bc you didnt get any kids out of that marriage, it doesnt mean all ties are so easily cut; wherein being widowed isnt just as easy as being single again. I really commended YeoJin’s ability to keep her cool when she was so obviously breaking apart inside, and when she finally did break down in the end it was believable.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I also really loved Team Leader Wang. Or at least very unwell.

Cunning Single Lady (2014)

Wow, I enjoyed your thoughts as much I did this episode! Thankfully, though, Yeo-jin was really the only dark spot in this episode. It’s more like “No one will accept her with her leg like that except JW, so that should be her motivation to want him.


The only times where I teared up during this drama were during her scenes. Am I the only one that’s bugged that JW did it again? Its ratings shouldn’t be an indicator of it’s quality. Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Both of you did a tremendous job playing your roles Thanks for the recaps! If you want to see more of his talkative personality, I recommend watching episode I would have epixode her slowly gained more confidence with her leg.

Ae-ra slaps away his attempt at skinship.

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That would be a better reason than if he’s just normally an incredibly oblivious guy, which I don’t think he is. I knocked off 2 stars because of their families mostly.

And many thanks to purplecow for the recaps and inner thoughts. Jolie Choi cowers in fear as Ae-ra goes into full-on gangster mode, letting her know that her mental and emotional state is very sensitive right now. Anduril April 13, at 7: Some romantic J-dramas don’t really have villains, just people figuring things out, or some external problem like a huge event or sickness or such.