I want a man I can respect. Meanwhile, the unified team heads to North Korea to continue training. Well when you put it that way…. He was threatened by King Jae-ha that if he does not publicly reveal the investigation results for the late King Jae-kang’s death, he would not only vote against passing the bill to raise the salary of government officials, but he would use his royal power to veto it instead. From selfish JH, he’s now not only thinking about his own benefit, but also thinking about HA, even though it’s still a bit about himself, I think, and at the same time he goes against BG. This is a dark comedy. WOC or not, your request just insulting a country leader n could lead to a war.

That she will not put him on a pedestal and be a yes-woman, but one who is not afraid to speak her mind and point him in the right direction when needed, and of cos vice versa. My heart bleeds for him when he learns the truth. Choi Min Supporting Cast. I watched the episode and read at the same time. And my favorite Shi Kyung ended that BS with one scene!!!! The King 2 Hearts. As his two years of conscripted service comes to a close, he was unknowingly tricked by his brother into participating in a joint military exercise between North and South Korea, organized by the King and the North Korean Military Command.

I have lots of cookies. Lee Yun Kyung Supporting Cast.

I’m not finished downloading it atm. Goth wear is generally casual and always anti-establisment. Are you making real bombs? Secretary Eun personally bows in apology to Bong-gu, and then Shi-kyung comes in with Mia in tow. For me it’s more likely to scaring Young Eepisode, the intimidate tactic as topper said. A royal by day and an underground rock band singer by night.


The King 2 Hearts Promotional poster. Retrieved November 13, Arhazivory May 3, at 9: Take Jae-shin, for instance, who gets handled with kid gloves by her family, but gets taken to task by both Shi-kyung and Hang-ah in crucial ways, with no leeway for her self-pity.

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Aren’t the writers being racist? The team minus Kang-seok lines up face-to-face with the U. The two voices of sinopzis are like the late lovable King!!

Aaaand, of course he did. I am with you.

He also has an even darker agenda waiting to be revealed. I don’t know how I am gonna survive one week!!! On a side note how the frak is the chick who’s cookoo for chocolate sinospis up and walking around the palace like the world’s her oyster?

And I sinopsiis that they know they love each other so there is no angst when they bicker. Yoon Je Moon Supporting Cast. I can imagine that the writers had a good time when writing his bathing scenes. This news has me all excited: I love how HA reacted to JH pissy attitude. Their scene together gave me chills when shi kyung just smacked him in the face by standing behind jae ha.

Episode 1 Episode 1. He’s stubborn and stuck in his ways as a result of that trait. She rips the Korean peninsula patch right off his uniform and tells him sinopsks get out. Sure she is willing to step up and go to the meeting but I had yet to see that climatic moment where we’re all supa proud of epiwode. There are actually a lot of parallels between Hang-ah and Shi-kyung, especially now that they serve such similar functions for the pair of royal siblings.


Creepy Cookie Monster is weird but kind of awesome. If in fact it was satiric, it was rather badly done. It seems to me that SK has always looked up to his dad Susan May 3, at Still, overall, in my opinion wpisode was the weakest of all the show’s chapters. Dude, I totally came here to kill someone… I think… Ooh pretty lights!

I think we can all say we’ve seen many moments of that in Jae Ha. Episode 8 Episode 8. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said- especially in regards to Shi Kyung and Jae Shin! Not to make excuses, but I’ve seen a lot of big budget western movies employing bit part Asian actors king22.

The King 2 Hearts

I think the writers perhaps showed that we all had a sore that we let others so easily pick at. I would like for her in the end to finally regain strength in her legs through intense physical therapy or sugery to symbolize her growth in character. Man, women have to work so freaking hard. Native Americans and African Americans are notoriously shown in bad light a lot. Ha Ji-won Lee Seung-gi.