Can’t wait for the next episode. I just can’t see the show having dae woong marry his brother’s first possibly also current love who also happens to be his deceased fiance’s little sister. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind her ending up with Tae-woong. When I saw Jong-min, I couldn’t help but laugh All it took to turn him around was to see how scared she was to be strong again, for her. Retrieved 18 November Then after I finished the episode, I realized we saw the dad in the first scene of episode 1 at the karaoke room. I’m so glad Yoo-jung and Hak-chan are the soon-to-be married couple.

I’m nervous as how his story will go. He blinks awkwardly and breaks away with a smile. Yeah, it is my favourite love triangle; father daughter and her idol. I am loving this show soooo much!!! And I love Shi Won’s parents so, so much: How much do I love that they run to her at the speed of light? Episodes by odilettante. It must be hard to see the apple of your eye, the one for whom you are her entire world, giving all her love to someone so wholly unconnected to either of you.

Retrieved 9 December Ladytron33 August 12, at 5: Archived from the original on 12 November She says not to cry. The show has been credited for its laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late ’90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises. Set in a college campus, srama follows the pop culture events of that year, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys and the basketball craze of the era.

So ten more eps to go. It’s what best friends do.

Sinopsis Drama Korea Reply 1994 Episode 1-21 (Tamat)

Unless this was a crack at her being so self-conscious about her weight after becoming pregnant, like saying, “Wow, you’ve even gotten fatter since the last time I saw you! I wonder who her husband is? Retrieved 17 December Oh, dramaland, why have your tropes remained the same, fifteen years later? Not to an old friend or brother-in-law you you might not see that much.


SINOPSIS Reply Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I wasn’t even 1 in yet. Thank you for the recaps: Oh to leave you alone with Yoon-jae?

But Yoon-jae is so cute and they are really great together. It also starred Dinopsis Dong-il and Lee Il-hwabut as different characters. I skipped my college entrance exam to go to an H. The air goes still and her legs give out. She asks calmly if Shi-won has enough money to take a cab. Roggy August 11, at 9: I’m not saying that it has to be yoon jae just because she is his first love but there just doesn’t seem to be another alternative that makes any sense to me.

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And I don’t think the show will go the “Oops, I’m bi-sexual and really love you now” route either. I am loving this show soooo much!!! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe This time he throws her over his shoulder and carries her out the door.

We watch as Shi-won cries in the hallway, and as Dad cries a tear before going under. The rest of ddama group heads toward the classroom to try and cheer her up, and Yoon-jae opens the door….

I totally feel for ya. It could be that Shi Won and Yoon Jae ARE married but both were busy with their own stuff for a while or Shi Won went on a trip with her parents or Yoon Jae was busy with funeral stuff or something and didn’t see each other for a week or something, so when Yoon Jae saw her again afterwards, he teased her for gaining weight because she’s pregnant.

Yoon-jae giving it Shi-won, Shi-won thoughtlessly giving it to Joon-hee” My own interpretation what that Shi-Won gave it away ‘intentionally’ seeing that it belonged to Joon Hee’s crush. Dramaa probably isn’t an “oops” thing at all. Roggy August 11, at He promptly rips up the tickets and tells her to meet him in front of the mall tomorrow. And it was kind of a ooooh moment about everyone teasing her that she’d gained weight in Ep 1!!! This time, he gets on and walks straight to the back of the bus, with purpose.


Yoo-jung gives them up with a smile, while Hak-chan watches, knowing what darma she went through to get those tickets, all in zinopsis effort to be alone with Yoon-jae.

Re;ly horrible telephone ring. I think he deserves to have real love in his life. Thanks for the recap GF! She falls to her knees with a thud as Mom keeps talking. I just love that Mom was so hung up on the leengkap that Dad needed that fake drama llengkap to live, when what he really needed was her. I’m nervous as how his story will go.

He turns up the radio. I haven’t even watched the ep yet. GF, thank you for recapping this.

Shi-won nervously puts in her contact lenses for the first time and sinopis in shedding her glasses for high school. That just seems cheap to me.

PeepsLeAwesomePotato August 11, at 9: I mean they were made for each other. T srama her 5 high school friends. Things and feelings which I can totally identify.

Just like in real life, I love to pretend that bad things aren’t happening in drama thus I will talk about my favorite scenes