If you join the seven keys together, you would be rich. You see if we divided when a company from abroad want to set up a company, they would need to set up in two country and 2 location. Our passion for Movie making is to produce thousands of free Nollywood Movies, Nigerian movies, Ghana movies. One day the river will overflow, and there’ll be nowhere for us to go http: And I tell you. The senate and house of rep approve it without a consitutional review. And they would not develop. My bro, you think we should just move on in this poverty, you have internet while some dont have anything to eat this night, you know that blood , i have said it over and time again the ans is not division as opined by become poor, we simply take the poison out of the snake.

Which 20 th are you talking about. Becomerich go and rest yorubas are not interested in living nigeria. Kudos to all cast n crew. For there is fire on the mountain, and nobody seems to be on the run. See How To Advertise. Okin tv tanx for uploading. The name nigeria is a cursed name in business. When his attempt to persuade the Management of General Motors to include the Russian Vehicles in their import failed, he pulled out from the company and with partnership of three of his friends, he formed WAATECO which became the sole distributor of Soviet made vehicles, Tractors and Engineering Equipment.

And look at the list of the benin team. Mofie I tell you. I hope you know Ketu, Sabo and Popo were wiped out and the old inhabitants of the town either shipped overseas or relocated elsewhere- all in the 19th century. Obasanjo also handover some land in the north to cameroon or chad and niger. When we Yoruba leave, we would make this countries yiruba main business partner. Look Geroger made many speech mistake. Indeed, Benin is Nigeria’s 37th state while Nigeria is Benin’s 7th yoryba he said.


But I have been correct. Little did he realize that he was only shooting himself in the foot. Please freely subscribe by clicking on this link: He was accompanied by over ten Yoruba Obas from Benin Republic. My Playlist Watch Later. Expect if Yar adua want to loss to a southerner. Aare torope kosenitole mu ohun ewo ohun kekere to pada shegun e. Motel Royal and K.

The regal, Oba Okunade Sijuwade – Vanguard News Nigeria

What every the world put on yoruba people that would be slave to others. Ahmed Ramat 1 year ago. They are still where there are, and still speak yoruba and bear yorubanameWho is the captain of togo national football team. I can teach you how the international market works.

Nigeria is not a stable country. Is problem is he is not smart.

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So please do your history of the children of oduduwa popo was part of it. Our economy would pick up. For there is fire on the mountain, and nobody seems to be ,ovie the run.

I said do it before Geroge leave, which makes life very easy for Yar adua. She can’t tell nobody, ’till she makes the evening news. Nikky Adex 6 months ago. You claim Yoruba, yet you dont know this basic fact of Yoruba history. You would never ask for money how to buy a car say amen. And when you are not smart it is a problem.


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Just continue to pray for me, your son who is the President of Benin Republic,” he told the Ooni after he was conferred with the chieftaincy title of Sooko Adimula Obaninuola of Ife. Omo Ibile 1 year ago.

So you see nigeria economy depend on the USA. Make we hear way Omo igbo. Kemmy Pretty 7 months ago. There are the last link toruba open the keys of success to the Yorubas. Ransome-kuti and Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife for his secondary education. That coast is POPO. He was appointed a sales manager of Leventis Yoruuba in Western Nigeria with its headquarters in Ibadan.

As a businessman, he maintained a diverse social, political, ethnic and ideological group of friends in Nigeria and abroad. Adeleke Bukola 12 months ago. It shows you people can not read sign.

You see if we divided when a company from abroad want to set up a company, they would need to set up in two country and 2 location. May God scatter you.

He relaxes by swimming, riding horses, playing table tennis and having intellectual discussions with small groups.