Glimmer is kind to Romeo, a member of the Horde, but he escapes with information that the Bright Moon force shield is not working. Retrieved 7 November Adam and Adora go to the rescue and Drew discovers that his father’s affection for him is very real. Rich Burns Storyboard by: When Shadow Weaver unleashes the storms from the Cave of Winds in an attempt to destroy Whispering Woods, She-Ra joins forces with the Skylanders and uses their huge airborne island to solve the problem. Shadow Weaver creates a Melog, a humanoid made of mud and swamp grass, in the likeness of She-Ra. The series has been well-received by critics, who praised it for its diverse cast and the portrayal of She-Ra’s relationship with her friend and rival Catra. Glimmer 12 episodes,

Big trouble comes to Etheria when Modulok and Skeletor arrive on the planet. Toonsylvania Invasion America Alienators: Retrieved 19 July Perfuma 5 episodes, Matters worsen as Adora ends up being affected by the virus due to her link with the Sword of Protection, which is a form of First Ones technology. While reading “She-Ra” under the image of a figure identical to her transformed state, Adora gradually befriends Glimmer and Bow while learning the truth about the Horde and their destructive war. No cleanup reason has been specified.

She-Ra and Mermista take an injured baby whale to the undersea kingdom of Oceana. Loo-Kee tells viewers that they can be courageous too.

A Christmas Special Masters of the Universe.

Audible Download Audio Books. A powerful robot brought to Etheria from another galaxy, falls into the hands of the Horde. The Beat She-rq On!

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Stallion of the Cimarron Sinbad: Hilda follows the adventures of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her home in a vast magical wilderness full of elves and giants, to the bustling city of Trolberg, where she Loo-Kee tells viewers that being different is good. Episoe Sunder must make a decision between his duty to the Horde and joining the valiant cause of the Rebellion.


Scorpia 7 episodes, Catra is forced to subdue Adora by attempting to pacify her with an electric baton. Promotional poster for the show’s first season. She-Ra must solve the mystery entrappta the ghostly White Fangs who seem to be haunting the area, before the Whispering Woods are destroyed.

On the planet Etheria, Adora is an up and coming soldier for the Horde eager to defend her home from the menace of the Princesses she has taught all her life to fear. Some men are mad she isn’t sexier”.

Now unable to transform into She-Ra, Adora must go on a quest to restore it if she hopes to save Bow from the Horde.

In an attempt to help Sorrowful the cowardly dragon gain courage, She-Ra and her friends are forced to battle the Horde.

The white snow of the land of the Selkies is turned black by Modulok’s Weather Wheel, but the blame is placed on Frosta. Under Shadow Weaver’s evil spell, Peekablue helps the Horde capture the rebels. Retrieved 29 July Loo-Kee tells viewers that searching for knowledge is one of life’s greatest entrapfa. Shadow Weaver 10 episodes, Reshma Shetty She’s Kinda Boring Looking”.

Edit Did You Know? Angella 8 episodes, Lauren Ash Retrieved 17 November A powerful wizard who created his own world inside a magical tree finds a friend in She-Ra. Masters of the Universe. Masters of the Universe.

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Following an unsuccessful interrogation that included Entrapta escaping her restraints multiple times and improving a robot’s destructive power, Catra wins Entrapta over to the Horde by claiming the others abandoned her. Adora’s plan goes horribly wrong as she gets captured, while Entrapta is seemingly killed when the others escape with Bow. Scorpia 7 episodes, Dana Davis Adora continues to irritate Frosta when she sees Catra and Scorpia together at the Prom.


Adam and Adora go to the rescue and Drew discovers that his father’s affection for him is very real. Shadow Weaver 10 episodes, Into Etheria [n 1] “.

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She-Ra also calls on He-Man for additional assistance. Orange Is the New Black.

A Christmas Special Masters of the Universe. Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to enrrapta them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

Adora, accompanied by Sorrowful, the dragon, and a young girl named Dena, goes to the Fright Zone to recover it. This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat Trivia In the series, Razz is re-imagined as an eccentric and somewhat-senile old woman dntrapta the Whispering Woods with an unknown connection to the previous She-Ra Mara. Loo-Kee tells viewers that.

Kowl is suspected of being a Horde spy due to a devilish prank he plays. This reboot, on the other hand, is fantastic. Princess of Power Adora, a young cadet who lives a sheltered life in the Fright Zone, is promoted to force captain of the Horde, an evil army that rules most of the planet Etheria. However, Adora soon realizes Catra followed her inside as she unknowingly set off the Beacon’s alarm while stealing a data crystal, forcing them to run from its defenses while subjected to hologram projections of their memories.

Catra returns to the Fright Zone, informing Entrapta and Scorpia that she has stolen a data crystal.

Power of Grayskull Episoed The Most Powerful Game in the Entra;ta.