Meanwhile, Aarushi goes on to tell her mother about her shopping with Vihaan. Vihaan on the other hand gets on a mission to lighten the house with celebrations and decides to anyhow celebrate his maasi maa’s birthday. Next morning, Aarushi meets a man who appears to be extremely rude. Watch the entire episode here to know more. Just then Aarushi learns that a girl has arrived to get the papers signed and he feels happy thinking that Aarushi is here. Aarushi, a kind-hearted girl, gets married in the Vatsal family which consists of seven mothers-in-laws.

Vihaan who is now completely in love with Aarushi goes on to have a platonic conversation with her and expresses his love for her. However, Vihaan gets alert when she tells him that she has got the details of his house address from the bank, and she is right now waiting downstairs to meet his mother. Satrangi Sasural – Episodes Sign up to comment. Watch the entire episode here to watch the entire episode. Scooped by Muhammad Zahid. Meanwhile, all of Aarushi’s mothers too take part in the competition as they feel that Vihaan loves the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and they want him to get married to her.

You can decide to make it visible only to you or to a restricted audience. Good Morning Have a nice day. Later, Aarushi writes another article for the newspaper and next morning, Vihaan gets surprised to read the article as it refers to his previous day. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 15 – December 23, Vihaan gets surprised when Aarushi mistakes him to be a driver and he begins to admire her caring nature. Later, the puppy is taken satrajgi of at the hospital and Vihaan pays the money at the reception.

After a while, Gattu notices the two of them enjoying themselves and gets furious, but they disappear before Gattu could create a scene. Vihaan later reaches home and feels ashamed for his action.

He gives this information to Vihaan and immediately tries to free him from the prison but in vain. Next morning, Vihaan again reads the article in the newspaper and in confused as the article again seems to reflect all that had happened yesterday.

Meanwhile, Prahlad begins to hit his sasrual for hiding all her jewellery, but just then Aarushi’s grandfather enters the room and reveals that he has deposited the jewellery in the bank so that Prahlad cannot take it away.


New Happy Cute Baby Wallpaper Gallery Cute baby couple holding hands images cute baby lovely kissing beautiful boy girls wallpapers free download. Meanwhile, Aarushi herself is disheartened about the fact that her own brother’s actions had led to the serious condition of Vihaan, and she begins to imagine Vihaan being furious with her. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Vihaan saves the man but gets shouted at in return.

He breaks the windscreen of Vihaan’s car.

To The Point – 10th March 2018

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 25 – January 6, Learn how to sasurl your accounts. While all of Vihaan’s seven mothers hear Diya complain to her mother about the large family that Vihaan has, Diya’s mother immediately sees the ladies standing behind and begins to defend her daughter. Sarathi tries to handle the situation but fails to do so. Vihaan later learns that the old man had been treated horribly by his sons, and Vihaan decides to take matter into his hands.

Watch the episode as love begins to blossom satarngi Aarushi and Vihaan. Sign up to comment.

Satrangi Sasural

episodr Meanwhile, Aarushi is need of money; she goes satrnagi her publisher to start episoe ‘Dilliwali Kudi’ article once again but the publisher comes up with another plan to benefit his newspaper and this angers Aarushi. Scooped by Muhammad Zahid. However, Vihaan gets alert when she tells sarrangi that she has got the details of his house address from the bank, and she is right now waiting downstairs to meet his mother.

Aarushi reaches the hospital to meet Vihaan’s Dadi Maa, but Vihaan sees her and manages to avoid her from meeting his Dadi. How to integrate my topics’ content to my website? Vihaan notices Girish, goes towards him and slaps him. This enrages Vihaan’s driver and friend, Sarthi but before they could catch him, Girish manages to escape. How do I follow my topics’ performance?

Just then, Vihaan reaches the scene but Anisha storms out, leaving behind the ladies insulted. Aarushi begins to get worried about her brother and feels too embarrased to call Vihaan for help. Aarushi later decides to meet Vihaan’s mother and tries to call him but he does not strangi the call as he is sleeping.

Just then, Vihaan’s mother Narmada climbs down and says that she had ordered the food to celebrate Neelima’s birthday. Upon hearing him, Vihaan gets furious. Later, Vihaan again apologizes to his mother and requests them to forgive him.


He tries to enquire with the newspaper owner about the person writing the article but fails to get any answer. Will this action of Aarushi ruin the fresh relationship between her and Vihaan? Aarushi informs the guests about the puppy that she had to take to the hospital and seeing her caring nature, the boy begins to like Aarushi. Later, Aarushi gets surprised when Vihaan comes to her sasufal to meet her.

Next morning, the two of them speak on phone and Aarushi tries to solve all of Vihaan’s problems.

Maa’ Word Se Hai Tv Ki Senior Actress Ko Problem – Satrangi Sasural – video dailymotion

Later, Vihaan hears his Dadi talk about her brief meeting with Aarushi in the temple. Will she be able to break through the tough exterior and not only live up to each epidode their expectations but also establish a loving bond with them? Vihaan meets Aarushi, a kind, sattangi and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the varied expectation all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son.

Meanwhile, Malhotra’s family comes to Vihaan’s house and seeing seven ladies in the house the girl gets surprised. Aarushi gets surprised when she finds a lot of gifts sent by all of Vihaan’s mothers to thank her for saving Vihaan’s life.

Later, Vihaan has episde with his entire family and just then Dadi Maa tells him that he has to meet another girl in order to fix his marriage. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 26 – January 7, He discusses with her about the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’.

Later her grandfather tells Aarushi’s mother that Girish and Prahlad are being the greatest hurdles in Sashral marriage as they are the ones ruining every proposal that is coming their way.