Vidyachatur tells everyone to do their works early and it is tuesday we will dance and sing. Badi Maa says they ditch me, time changes but people remain the same. Vidyachatur says when you see Kumud you will forget to shy. On Mar 2, Last updated Mar 20, She comes to the Dr.

Kumud replies that she wants to tell this only and leaves. Kumud sees him and stands far away. They say they will have to take him to the doctor. Saras call her name. She leaves his hand. She says as you tell Vidyabhai. When Kumud about to leave. Her sister asks her, what will you get by burning the photo?

Kumud just looks on. Her mother tells her to marcb her belongings and says he is a guest. Saras looks everywhere for Kumud, Vidyachatur smiles.

Badi maa says he deserve or not we dont know. Saras says they will take him to the home. He is not used to do all this.


She says I asked you to talk to bapu but what you wants to convey?

She thinks you do care for anyone. Vidyachatur takes his family home. She says dont tell anyone. Doctor guides Saras what to do.

Kumud sees him and stands far away. Last updated Mar 8, He says I dont keep photos. Ghuman says dont forget I am laxminandan Vyas wife, Ghuman laxminandan vyas. Kusum says jija ji dont eat this these things. Kumud comes there and looks at him.

Saras is seen coming there. Kumud says he dont think about Bapu but. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Saraswatichandra writes to Kumud

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Saras is searching for his mobile in his room. She says Ghuman is very clever.

He bends and greets them. Kumud asks Saras to give his hand to her.

Meanwhile Saras is showing walking towards the door and Kumud is seen running towards the door to stop Saras from leaving. Kumari asks what are you doing?


Saraswatichandra 7th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kusum comes there and says he did show up the courage now it is your turn…. Kumud is making dye colour fr clothes correction here thanks to akki. If he comes there might be reason.

He says you have love and respect for all of epispde. She informs them about Master Chef India and they see the promotion on Tv.

She cries and says it is good that I did not complete the photo. Right then Saras brings his laptop and does live video chat with a doctor. I cant keep my eyes off him.