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Sarah Jessica Parker appalled by conflict with co-star rumors | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

The 57-year-old American actress starred as Carrie Bradshaw in the show’s original six seasons and in two films in 2008 and 2010, alongside Kim as Samantha Jones. Kim, 65, said she was “never friends” with her castmates, she rejected a role in a planned third film and was snubbed on the show’s recent reboot And Just Like That… In response, Sarah told the Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, “It’s so painful for people to keep talking about this ‘catfight.’

“I’ve never uttered aggressive words in my life about anyone I’ve worked with, ever. There’s no fight going on. There’s been no public argument, arguments, conversations, or allegations from me or anyone on my behalf. That’s not how I would have it.

“So I wish they would stop calling it a catfight or an argument, because that doesn’t, in fact, reflect that there was a person talking.

“And I’m not going to tell him not to, or anyone. So it was a bit painful for me too.

Kim recently told Variety magazine that she turned down a script for a possible third film in 2017, describing the proposed plot as “heartbreaking.”

Her character received unwanted photos of her friend’s 14-year-old son. Sarah said Kim asked for things the filmmakers were “not capable of doing”, canning the film.

The remaining trio – Sarah, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis – reprized their roles in the sequel And Just Like That… on HBO Max which first aired in December.

Sarah said she works hard to “be decent with everyone on set”, including “the people I feel responsible for as a producer”.

She added: “There’s just no one else who has talked about me that way so it’s very painful because she’s a huge contributor to the success.”

Sarah said Kim’s portrayal of Samantha was “wonderful” but noted that they knew she didn’t want the part so they weren’t approached.