The colors, the settings of these films are amazing, and part III, with it’s wonderful dual at Ganryu Island, is by far one of the most well-planned and conducted films in history. In terms of eye candy, this finale gives the most exotic colors some may complain as “un-Japanese” , the best lighting, and the most skin of Mifune’s Musashi! The year ends as Takezo assists the villagers against a band of brigands. Referred to in the books as strategy, what Musashi is talking about is ways to manipulate the psychology of the situation. Fixing the eyes but not stopping the mind coming and going, cultivating an inquisitive and broad spirit. The idea is that none of this is an idea, but something that can be practiced and observed. There’s dignity, and consideration for other human in Musashi.

The climactic duel on the beach with the rising sun in the background is amazing. The third film opens up with a monologue by Kojiro Sasaki where his obsession with fame includes the killing of Musashi provides a chilling introduction into his character. This film is the final installment of director Hiroshi Inagaki’s “Samurai Trilogy,” three films covering the life of Musashi Miyamoto Takezo, Japan’s most famous swordsman of the early 17th century and perhaps of all time. Even despite being annoyed by the bad romance scenes with DRAG on and on, and everyone in feudal Japan being murdering serial killers this movie is still pretty darn entertaining, and the actions are darn good. The obvious issue of honor is foremost in this Samurai’s mind and the killing just comes with the job. In addition, the story of Musashi as the ideal samurai is difficult to accept given our cynical age, but Musashi is a Japanese folk hero that has been influential to Japanese virtue for over years. His arch rival Kojiro Sasaki is hounding him to a duel.

We do see the hateful side of the “bad guy,” but such glimpses are then followed by an honorable act of some sort, or by evidence that he has reflected on his methods, and come to see a better way he should’ve followed.


Watch Buy Details Resources Edit. Otsu who followed him out of confusion, finally decides to leave him and seek out Musashi. That’s also the Tao.

Subtitles Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island

For its sense of rather understated action, I particularly enjoyed the opening scene. Kojiro’s evilness becomes more pronounced here, in the way he kills just to lure our hero out.

It’s a lot better than expected despite the transfer showing the age samuurai the film. In cinematic terms, the trilogy looks to both East and West. The guy is quick. Direct download Direct download Add to favourites. This comment flows out from previous ones. However, whereas those three are separate films, more or less, their source work is not.

Toshiro Musasji is by far one of the most classic and amazing Japanese actors of the screen, and he outdoes himself in the Samurai series. The trilogy shows the life of Japan’s most famous samourai and one of it’s main philosopher, with the “Gorin-no-sho” treaty of 5 rings, with his sword techniques and Budhism life philosophy. Japanese Movies I’ve Seen.

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Give this one a shot, you’ll be glad you did! The whole trilogy definitely benefits from the fact that it got shot in full color.

A humble and simple Takezo abandons his life as a knight errant. Here it is a rustic, straightforward rendition in keeping with public perception of Musashi as a straight soul; so are the images, so is the drama.

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MartinHafer 28 June It has been more than a decade since I first and last saw this movie, musashl it still haunts me. Sweeping romantic Hollywood-like epic from Japan that just happens to be about a Samurai. Even despite being annoyed by the bad romance scenes with DRAG on and on, and everyone in feudal Japan being murdering serial killers this movie is still pretty darn entertaining, and the actions are darn good.


Musashi Suntitles Miyamoto Musashi.

Lots of things have been said in the movie about the humans, the way they live, they behave, they treat others and above all their desires grooved in the very depth of the heart. I thought it was interesting as it was also a contrast between real life experience and the real deal, versus one who learns from books.

But Musashi wanted to devote his life to becoming a better person. Like the previous film, this one focuses on one particular event of the real life Musashi: If you have not seen this series, you need to; it need not matter if you are a Samurai film junkie or just a cinemaphile, you will enjoy the subtle touches that make this one of the finest trilogies in film.

This is the kind of movie that Japan is probably very proud of, but is not often seen by American audiences.

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The practice of perceiving the inner self of things through myiamoto outside form. More of a ‘modern’ movie musasgi any of its two predecessor and definitely better flowing with its subtit,es and characters, also definitely due to the movie its action.

Handcarving, folk instead of high art. This is also due to the language, its japanese It moves at snail’s pace no doubt, but has a couple of highly intense, though at times short, fight sequences that are still capable of wowing a modern audience. The final duel is a thing of beauty, and is copied by every horrible japanimation cartoon on the face of the planet these days.

I feel very confident and content once I finished watching the trilogy. It’s end fight has become quite legendary over the years and is a beautiful looking done one.