From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are quite a few characters that a person needs to keep track of, and I ended up having to re-watch the first couple of episodes just to be able to go on with the story. For much of Joseon history, Jeong Dojeon was vilified or ignored despite his contribution to its founding. Jeong Do-jeon was an aristocrat and politician who assisted Yi Seong-gye later King Taejo when he seized power and established a new dynasty, Joseon. Archived from the original on December 26, Boon Yi , is the only female dragon.

However, his life was deeply rooted in politics. Anything I say about him is an understatement, and he is now my favorite actor of all time. He is a better actor than many famous adult actors, in my opinion. Moo Hyul is my favorite character in the drama, and although he is said to be a little dimwitted, he turns out to be not so dumb after all. The final years of Goryeo can certainly be described as a time of crisis. Jeong died just six years after the foundation of Joseon, killed in by his political archenemy Yi Bang-won, Taejo’s fifth son. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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More of the video OST can be found here. This site uses cookies. Viki offers most of its content for free and only a few shows are exclusive for paid viewers. Scroll down and click on one of the OSTs and be listening to it while reading this post. Most notable of all is that he called for strong military power to achieve an ideal Confucian country.

He even decided koreean names of each palace, eight provinces, and districts in the capital. Choi Young is a dgama general who is not corrupt he is portrayed in the fantasy drama Faith samhong Lee Min Ho. Fifth Dragon Boon Yiis the only female kodean. It is typical that, in times of transition, we witness the breakdown of the economy, a corruption of morals and an overturning of the balance of power, among other things. Jeong Do-jeon was broadcaster KBS ‘s response to mounting criticisms against historical dramas that have come to rely too much on fiction rather than facts.


After the sudden death of Queen Sindeok inwhile King Taejo was still in mourning for her his second wife and mother of Yi Bang-seokYi Bang-won struck first by raiding the palace and killed Jeong Dojeon and his supporters as well as Queen Sindeok’s two sons including the crown prince, in a coup that came to be known as the First Strife saambong Princes.

Hoping that the drama can simultaneously entertain and retain historical integrity, Jang Seong-hwan, a KBS executive said during the press asmbong, “We have been eager to produce this project for a long time.

The historical drama of the same name that began airing in January has been enjoying significant popularity since its first episode. In such a crisis, Jeong carried out his work with his own beliefs and convictions.

Jeong Dojeon (Person)

He is like the Thomas Jefferson of Korea in that it is his writings that shaped Korea for the last five centuries. Earlier Jeongjo published a collection of Jeong Dojeon’s writings in Korea is in a transitional period at the moment. Although there are 6 flying dragons, and their stories are told, it is Lee Bang Won who is the central character or main lead, if you wish.

He left many literary pieces that feature a free mind, yet sharp social consciousness, as well as volumes on political philosophy where his vision for a new country is evident.

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The words quoted by Jeong Do-jeon, “If you capture the hearts of the people, the people obey you. Although neo-Confucian is often associated with literary indulgence, to the neglect of the military arts, he was a realist who knew that politics called for strong military power.


However, his life was deeply rooted in politics. To create Jeong Do-jeonthe production team formed an advisory panel that consisted of history experts, all with doctorates or master’s degrees in Korean history, concentrating on the era in which Jeong lived.

His story is sad, but empowering. First Prime Minister of Joseon Dynasty. His father was the first in the family to obtain a high post. I added the YouTube videos at the bottom of this page. Using Cheng-Zhu school ‘s Neo-Confucian philosophy as the basis of his anti-Buddhist polemic, he criticized Buddhism in a number of treatises as being corrupt in its practices, and nihilistic and antinomian in its doctrines. Below I will post a little about some of the other characters that a person needs to remember in order to make sense of what is going on.

He was a student of Zhu Xi ‘s thought. Through such a political system, he attempted to solve the problems facing average people.

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The first few episodes of this drama are a bit confusing, especially for a person who is not used to Korean historical culture. After Taejo became the first king of Joseon, he left all state affairs to Jeong, making him the most powerful and influential man who shaped the year-long dynasty by laying down Joseon’s ideological, institutional, and legal foundations. However, Jeong died just six years after the foundation of Joseon, killed by Yi Bang-wonthe son of King Taejo, in a political struggle.

He was finally rehabilitated in in recognition of his role in designing Gyeongbokgung main palace. A dynasty can only do that through a balance between monarchy, or royal authority, and theocracy, or divine right.