Sandstorm Tornado now moves forward, tornado duration increased and total damage increased. Damage, action and attack speed are increased. Not after balance patch tho. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Luciel was also the most powerful character for a very long time; they only had nerfs since their release! Not x dropping either LK not for you. For more info on which elements to use, click Here.

Mobile Shelling Attack now shows Chung shooting cannonballs. Brittany Marie Muratore is discussing. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Magical defense reduction debuff added. Range and damage are increased. Space Wrench Damage increase.

Its pretty interesting that swkra is so much depth behind each character. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Siege Shelling Damage is increased and the casting time is improved. Steel Edge Damage is increased. Moonlight Slash Slash radius increased. Previous problem of debuff resistance not activating is fixed. Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Range and damage are increased. Wind Cutting Sword New Skill. Burning Hope Bridge Anyway the most used class for Elsword players is Rune Slayer whish is obvious second most used i will say is Infinity Sword then Lord Knight.

Tempest Dance Total damage increased. Iron Howling MP consumption and cooldown time are decreased. Eve’s attack speed is horrible.

Call of Ruin Damage is increased. What class should seasoj account give birth to? I rather want to 1loop kill my opponents than doing an infinite for 1 minute.

Also WS can be played wonderfully on aggro mode since she has good approach options and with her debuffs she can apply pressure.


Catching to hit someone first and get them into a combo is something that comes easier to Adds than most other classes. Poor Demonio your class was too much for people that they job change from you to be a Noblesse sad life. Attack motion is now quicker. Mostly Crimson Rose players are seen in Elsword as with her deadly bullet power and bleed effect she is cancer to players.

NA Elsword Images taken from elsword skill simulator page: Has no devana, Elesis is from a different game too. When Eve first drop i know thousand of players went and graded a eve cause Eve was like a goddess to everyone. Impact Smash Flame animation after the smash delay is removed.

[Elsword KR] Swallow Assault : PvP with Sakra Devanam

T hat’s why i said its not for him since he said that about Arma Blade. Matchless Truth Total damage increased.

Tree of El Fire Wall Damage is increased. Which is not fun at all. Leg Shot MP consumption is decreased. Regardless sakrq Lvl, you will always need to pay the same amount of Elstone to enchant the element to your weapon. Like useally we start off with the hot head swordsman Elsword or as some call him Elboy.

Attack also now goes through the lowest floor. On activation, you burn 25 MP from the opponent using the “Mean-looking” upgrade. Decanam now, DanteAndGen said:. Heavy Railgun Damage is increased.

Passive skill that gives a small chance to add wind slash attacks every time Elsword attacks. Gigantic Slash Pull of skill improved.


Mortal Blow New skill. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The most played classes of every character | Elsword Amino

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. That’s one reason along with the pretty hard movement: Also the class should be able to keep up in PvE in a group. Blazing Dance Number of combo attacks is increased. Artillery Support Three targets can be marked at once. While in awakening mode, the damage from the lasers in the middle is increased while the damage from the lasers on the sides are decreased. Just now, DiaCrusher said:.

Windmill MP is nowtornado radius increased, movement speed decreased while skill is active, skill duration decreased but can hold skill key to increase duration at the cost of MP per second, total damage and MP acquired decreased and tornado speed decreased.

With the renewals finally over, the global nerfs when devannam reduce a stat of a character because they were too powerful have finally arrived. Number of combo attacks is increased. Impact Detonation Number of hits and damage are increased. Atomic Blaster — Plasma Gun Knockdown reduction has been added.