I’m watching and anticipating for those moments and then they don’t happen. He can be funny and natural without trying too hard to seek attention.. Eep, and the way Jong-kook is spinning that thing like crazy is freaking me out. Hometown At 6 Episode 3 years ago. Little does Kwang-soo know that the very whistle he needs to save himself is in the same room, as he remains hidden behind a box. The guests were great! The mat-hyungs face off first, and soon Jae-suk easily grabs Suk-jin in a hold with his legs.

Park Hee Soon was so unintentionally funny also. You want to watch 10 secs of pointless nametag ripping?? Altho I felt bad for the ones trying to eat it at the same time. Urban Cops Episode 7 14 hrs ago. I have a feeling Haha partly did it because everyone was chasing after Gong Yoo. It’s so funny when KwangSoo oppa covered JiHyo’s mouth lol. People must have voted for him in the last game where there were 18 votes available to cast.

Space Talk Episode 9 4 months ago.

The secret chat room scenes were the best. Alinka December 16, at 7: Watch other episodes of Real Men Series at Kshow Hee Soon going from useless in the water game to rushing out first twice in the dance game was funny.

But another popularity award or best program award will be great too: Altho I felt bad for the ones trying to eat it at the same time.


The whole thing was hilarious. What a waste of effort on the casts part.

Off topic but how about the Reply cast and characters on this show. I agree with earlier posts; if they’re going to edit it out, don’t put it in the previews.

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Homeboy was having the time of epiode life! Its a good ep. I’m watching and anticipating for those moments and then they don’t happen. And the cameras keep rolling? They had similar numbering of whom to eliminate, but the rules allowed them to jump numbers depending on whom they eliminate. The cast finds it strange that their guests were the only ones told to change. I was 17 during but I didn’t enjoy it after they showed her reaction afterwards.

That episode had so many good and hilarious moments. If more than one group had managed to move spots it would have been more intense.

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And it doesn’t seem like other colors can be found that are not the current target one. Infinity Challenge Episode 3 years ago.

But I do hope they focus more on thr Green Team car ride, or did they slept through the whole journey? Run BTS Episode 65 56 minutes ago. Haha is not just lucky at finding the whistle. Ha, the fact that everyone thought that it would be Jong-kook makes the twist that much more hilarious.


Hometown At 6 Episode 3 years ago. RM introduced me to Woo Sung, so now I’m on the lookout for his works.

Running Man

I really love this episode,it has the ingredients of a good episode: Reply Parent Thread Link. Xman Episode 33 3 years ago.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Eeeh, as a Spartace shipper, I totally squealed when Jihyo took a bite out of Jongook’s bun!

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Before they head inside, Jong-kook makes sure to address that there are no hard feelings for whatever might happen in the final mission. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I would love to see both guest again, but Ksgownow Yoo more than Hee-soon. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. He clearly was not expecting it as he was stumbling all over, that was fun to see.

She just sucked it up and carried on. Though of course, time constraints