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Ruby Barker: Bridgerton actors will climb together | Celebrity News

The actors of “Bridgerton” will climb together.

Ruby Barker – who plays Marina Thompson in the period drama – revealed that she and a number of her co-stars like to relax by bouldering, which involves climbing over rocks without a safety harness.

She said HELLO! magazine: “We have a WhatsApp group called Bridgerton Climb Squad. We have some really good climbers in the ‘Bridgerton’ lot.”

The period drama returns to Netflix next month and Ruby “can’t wait” for fans to see the new episodes.

She said: “It’s as sparkly, colorful and fantastic as it was last season, if not more. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

The actress is especially looking forward to seeing Simone Ashley in action as Anthony Bridgerton’s (Jonathan Bailey) love interest.

She explained, “She’s gonna be mean, man, she’s gonna steal the show.”

The 25-year-old loves being able to play the ‘shameless’ Marina, who has been sent to live with her cousins, the Featherington family, to learn how to enter society and find a suitor because she is so different from many others mixed-race characters in television and film.

She added: “I think we’re used to seeing mixed-race girls play certain characters and it’s always the bubbly, sweet, absolutely perfect best friend role.

“We’re not used to seeing someone of my casting type rock the boat. So to have this young, mixed-race woman with this story, with this level of agency, was really cool.”

The ‘Wolfblood’ star has already made her film debut in ‘How to Stop a Recurring Dream’ and hopes to land more big screen roles in the future.

She said, “I want to make great movies. I would love to experience that. The world is my oyster.”