I think you’re on to something there. Chi San did start to disappear when Lee Gak kissed her. Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast. Edit this Page Edit Information. Pretty please, with some whipped cream and soju on top? This means he didn’t know PH’s name on the ticket.

Reincarnation may mean the same soul, but it’s not the same individual person – maybe according the show’s rules their core personalities are the same, but that doesn’t make them identical to the people they were in their previous lives. The poor boy most likely has a concussion. I thought it would be On to the cable cars, which have Yi Gak literally agape in horror. She asks if Se-na truly is like the princess: Since she is sooooo close to that already, could she end up here if she digs deep enough??? I feel like I missed out. It felt like the characters were completely overreacting, because we had about two minutes to get used to the idea of Park-ha leaving before she was found.

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How can they treat actors this way. Anyway, sorry for my poor English, but I needed to get all this off my chest, I hope you could understand a little bit! With only one main dish, and one beverage on the menu: Therefore, the writer can just have the family members transported to the future as well so everyone can be viewed as equal members of society.

I was totally rude to the others in the restaurant, eating Thaipad Thai, tum yum gon.


I am still in epsrama camp that believed from ep 1 that the Crown Princess isn’t the one who died but there are a lot of things that I can’t reconcile Yeah, but he gave her plenty of opportunities to retract her lie and she didn’t.

It is nice to see that Se Na has finallyyyy gotten caught in at least one all out lie. I’m pretty sure the body found would of made the news in America.

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Where there’s a will Ahh, I’m really sad, I’ve been loving this drama, but if this is going to be the ending, it’s really His reaction is both excitement and relief, although he adopts his air of nonchalance to actually meet her. Even if we have moved out of the fish-out-of-water portion of the story, I just love watching those boys interact with each other and Park-Ha.

I am starting to think that the whole purpose of the prince to time travel is to change the future. It felt like the characters were completely overreacting, because we had about two minutes to get used to the idea of Park-ha leaving before she was found.

It’d be like putting together two better four strangers! Again, you d BOMB, girlfriend In this way, their fates haven’t been broken because even if Yi Gak is sent back to the past, Park-Ha will still have Tae-Yong. Han Ji Min Main Cast.

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I’d like to see them progress even more in the next episode though. Your email address will not be published. The three ducklings also failed the new employee test which gauged basic English skills. Be the first to create epjsode discussion for Rooftop Prince.


Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. In the end maybe Yi Gak will return to the past, but Taeyong and Park-ha will hit it off anyways.

When you open the screen to watch an episode, on the right hand corner is a box with dots–arrow on eposode and click to turn off the viewers comment. While they wait with sweet drinks, he asks again if she has a sister, and why she never mentioned her before.

Park-ha invites him in and thrusts the plane ticket back at him. Briggy subin70 May 2, at 8: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Park-ha is alerted to their Very Prinnce Person waiting for his tour, and warned to do a good job.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Maeng Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. Oh I am fully engrossed in this drama now. They really need to do something about the live shooting system before someone gets seriously hurt.