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Robert Pattinson views Batman as “separate” from any other superhero.

The 35-year-old actor plays the Caped Crusader – and his billionaire alter ego Bruce Wayne – in Matt Reeves’ new blockbuster ‘The Batman’ – which also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman/Selena Kyle – and he has explained why the character and the movies stand out from other comic book creations.

Appearing on ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’, he said: “The weird thing about doing a superhero movie is that it’s a giant commitment. Normally you would sign up for five or six movies at a time. So that’s a lot of responsibility. And you have to take care of the fanbase as well.

“But with Batman, I’ve always interpreted Batman as being quite distinct from all the other superheroes, it’s just kind of the legacy of the movies. As far as I can remember, it seemed like the first movie of superhero who really felt very different.

Pattinson also admitted he was still “accepting” his own film – which he described as a “different” but familiar take on the character – after watching it just a few days ago for the first time.

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The ‘Twilight’ star explained, “There’s strength in the script. It’s a bit strange… I literally watched the movie a few days ago, so I’m still trying to come to terms with it.

“It definitely feels like Batman, but it’s also kind of a different Batman narrative, a slightly different origin story, and his psychological state is quite different, but there’s something that feels very innate about Batman. may be the Batsuit.

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