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Randy Jackson: I hate the word diet | Entertainment and celebrity news

Randy Jackson hates the word “diet” and refuses to starve himself to avoid an emotional frenzy.

The 65-year-old star – who weighed more than 350 pounds before losing more than 114 pounds – underwent gastric bypass surgery following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes nearly 20 years ago, and although he admits surgery is a “great jump start”, he initially struggled to maintain his weight loss because he started to slip back into old habits.

He said: “It’s a great jump start. You lose a lot of weight very quickly, but the maintenance is another thing because you get there and your mind is like, ‘Okay, phew. I’m here now. I can start partying and bringing out the cheesecakes. I hate the word diet. I no longer use it. Anyone who’s lost weight, you lose it, then you start eating and drinking more and it all starts to come back. That’s what started happening to me. I was like, ‘No, I’m not going to spend my life going through this!'”

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The former ‘American Idol’ judge – who has children Jordan and Zoe with his ex-wife Erika Riker – went on to explain that his relationship with food is “emotional” and so he needed to “reunite things” with her diet, but managed to strike a balance.

He told this week’s edition of PEOPLE magazine: “Eating is emotional. I really needed to pull myself together to be able to stop myself. I eat fish, some kind of vegetable and maybe a small handful of rice or potato If I really feel like I need to have a candy, I have a small piece so that in my head I don’t say, ‘No, no, no ‘. The more you deny yourself, the more you’re going to go out there on a bender and have 18 candy bars without stopping at some point.”

“I think if I hadn’t figured it all out, I would have regained at least half, if not more, of that weight!”