Jeff Randall is a keen but often financially struggling private detective whose success in mystery solving becomes inevitably greater once he has the benefits and paranormal abilities of his deceased friend and partner Marty Hopkirk. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Marty is instrumental throughout the series in ensuring Jeff is aware of the occurrences of crimes and more often than not is responsible for saving his partner’s life in each episode by using his supernatural powers. Marty is a highly persistent character clad in an all-white suit to mimic that of a ghost. Melissa Knatchbull as Wendy Gill production credits: Was this review helpful to you? Wendy Gill In the week before private detective Marty Hopkirk’s wedding to waitress Jeannie Hurst, he and his partner, Jeff Randall, get a job from famous artist Gordon Stylus to watch over his wife, as he fears for her safety.

The heavy use of the harpsichord and high-pitched flutes and clarinets was intended to create a quirky atmosphere for the paranormal series, while a loud brass band was to help create all the tension needed in an action drama at the most intense periods in the series. Retrieved 30 January The agency he picks is Randall and Hopkirk. Vendetta for a Dead Man Episode Jeff and Jean see a man leave their car after a party. A man is shot outside a club near where he is parked. In the eighth episode “Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? Randall and Hopkirk Revisited Video

In the initial episode Hopkirk is murdered during an investigation, but returns as a ghost. The episodes are in the LWT broadcast order.

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In ” The House on Haunted Hill “, Marty shows a great fear of electronic equipment in a house attic pretending to anx the sounds and noises of ghosts. Marty’s aunt Clara has spent five years perfecting a “system” that guarantees a win at roulette. Jeff seems to have two things on his mind: The original ad break bumper film, ghide on Network DVD’s release of the series, proves the current handprint title sequence is the original as it features exactly the same animation of the title graphics.


The psychiatrist must reprogram Jeff to forget about Marty in order to prevent Marty from relaying information about the crime spree. Edit Storyline Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are private detectives who specialize in divorce cases. It is all part of a plot to inherit his father’s fortune but when he marries his young housekeeper the plan is demised. Egged on by Jeff, Marty closes his eyes and backs up to charge the door, but goes too far and glides through the door opposite, before charging forward at the original door.

ITC Entertainment produced a single series of 26 episodes in andwhich was aired from September to March In this murder mystery, Jeff is hired by a large estate manager to investigate a series of bird shootings in the manor aviary. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Charlie Higson “O Happy Isle” gs: Randall and Hopkirk Deceased hopkikr conceived by producer Dennis Spooner in Marty finds somebody digging around his grave. The highlight of the mindreading act of Xnd and Abel is a blank cartridge placed in a revolver, then the correct chamber containing the cartridge predicted. Randall and Hopkirk Deceased episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.

Murder Ain’t What it Used to Be Nov 02 – Paul Kirstner, a long-time underworld figure, arrives in London from America with a good deal of baggage in tow, including the ghost of his one-time partner, Bugsy Spanio. Julia Fenwick asks Jeff to find her missing aunt. Meanwhile, Jeff goes to a private psychiatric clinic run by Dr Lawyer, to try to get over Marty’s death and rid himself of the ghostly apparitions.

Geoffrey Hughes appears as Harper.

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The private-detective duo is hired to keep a watchful eye on an artist’s wife, who is said to deceazed suicidal. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.


A man enters Jeannie’s life pretending that he is Marty returned from the dead. The series was released on seven region 2 DVDs in —, which were then issued as a box set by Carlton. Harold is ambitious and wants to better himself, but his Terry and Bob from The Likely Lads continue their life after Terry arrives home from serving in the Army to discover that Bob is about to marry his girlfriend Thelma.

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He epsiode even look at Marty. After Jeannie solves the case at the casino, the detective agency’s offices are broken into, and the trail leads Jeannie back to Jeff at the clinic.

Cutting out the extraneous footage in between was all that was necessary. Jeff and Jeannie travel to Latvia to retrieve their secretary’s kidnapped baby from the clutches of a cult led by the devious Butranekh Joe Montana II.

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Jeff and Jeannie go undercover at Jeannie’s nephew’s school after learning that one of his teachers was murdered.


Gguide disabled former police officer hires Jeff and Jeannie to locate Maurice Crabbe, the alleged killer of Marty’s dad, a cop killed in the line of duty. Marty’s tuition from Wyvern concludes, and he is then able to enter Limbo, but there he realises that its attractions are only superficial.