He awkwardly places an arm around hers, while the ladies keep asking them to come closer for a romantic pose. Zoya runs otu, while the goons try and catch her. Sanam too remembers that she had wanted ahil to be seen in Jodhpur salwar, and lucknawi kurta, and his grassroot attachment is what takes her closer to him. He informs them that all have gone and they should leave too. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. A password will be e-mailed to you. Even asad was a angry man like ahil… But there was more romantic seance between them… Even today they could have had a dream dance like asad and zoya…..

Faiz eyes her anrgily. Actually whats with seher is she does the same thngs over and over again.. Tanveer says that she just needs the reports or else it wont be right for her. He tells tanveer that he would meet her in a little while at a given Navjeevan hospital. She asks ayan to leave. Welcome, Login to your account. She complies and they run off barefot while vikram and the goons try to catch them. He asks her not to put the veil aside.

Sehere again gets into a sob and trties to make him guilty about doubting her, and gets out of his car, saying that she doesnt want his help. Razia says that she told only what her friend told her so. Ayan and nuzrat come down and he is surprised to see them. She picks up the mobile phone. He gives the press byte that Zoya asks ayan whats this. She says that noone would go anywhere.

She is boggled, while tanveer breaks into laughter. Asad ki Babhi zoya …. Zoya says that she might be happy for some more time, as once the family comes, she eepisode be happy anymore. Dilshad is worrying for the preparations, but asad hugs her and calms her down and asks her to relax as everything would be alright. Quubool just want more sparks with sanam and ahil…. He hugs her eritten then leaves, asking her not to move come what may.


Qubool hai written episode 27 september 2013

Zoya eyes a knife kept on the bedside tray. He asks if she found her tree.

Natasha 26th Sep – Siti I have not seen but read wu ya really how can she tell ppl will hate this instead of like feeling very bad abt asad… Lets c what will happen next. She asks her to observe her destiny that even if she couldnt marry, she would atleast die as a bride. Mamu refuses to believe, but the priest asks ayan to tell them everything. Ayan manages to flee aritten there, with them following her. Tanveer says to zoya that she had eyes on her for so long, but never haai the right chance to get her till here.

We clamour for excellence. But tanveer brings some life in the serial That phoophie of faiz is so irritating I dont like her: Just then, ayan is shocked as the same car that was following themovertakes them, and fake vikram is revealed, sitting isnide it.

Tanveer reminds them the work, that she had given them, and starts throwing things at them, and wonders why she tolerates these good for nothing people, as they are of no use to her.

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Asad calls up but sees that the phone is switched off. As she insists, Ahil says that its his past, and let it be like that and ha her not to be a part of his past.

The priest proceeds with the marriage, happy that ayan too is presenting such simplicity by taking part in this, despite being of such a huge family. She says that zoya has a tough life, as she remembers episodf her murder attempts, and says that today she wont be able to save herself.


He asks her not to put the veil aside. They understand that it was an accident. He asks how this surprise is.

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One of the managing committee members tells about the diappearance of one groom. The ladies are overwhelmed to see such a compatibility. She is surprised, and begisn to get up hurriedly, but he makes her sit saying that he wanted to episkde her, and asks her to get ready and have breakfast, and then gives her something to wear, choosing it for her.

The priest asks the groom to take their positon, while their parents put the sehra on them. She asks ayan to leave. Shirin is tensed that he looked very tensed, and hassled and he seemed out of breath.

Qubool Hai 16th September Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Dilshad too comes and reprimands her seltember atleast telling them before going. Yes, she is a comic relief in the shw nd is more colorful and perhaps smarter than sanam but zoyas daughtr a ddesitvbox to this extent: Alsa 29th Sep – 9: By the thirs btime, nazma agrees to the marriage, zoya comes in out of breath, and finds to her horror that half of the nikah is over.

Outsiode the goons decide to check on her, as its already ten minutes and she would have died by now.