Ben Brownlee is a VFX artist, digital media specialist and instructor with 11 years of industry experience across a number of disciplines. It provides a lot of possibilities for artists to stretch their creative wings — from designing a virtual environment for the talent is it photoreal or stylized? Along the way we’ll also discuss pipeline considerations, including custom tools to help speed up production, as well as some useful tips for taking control of simulations. Focusing on real-world finishing, color correction and visual effects tasks, well be working through several projects and tasks, taking footage and turning it into a finished piece, exploring the breadth of Smoke’s toolset along the way. Ultimately the content will involve setting up a scene where we are creating shaders and lighting for a vehicle. John just wrapped up 6 months working at Side Effects Software Inc. In order to demonstrate each of the aspects of Massive we’ll develop a vehicle agent and show how a simple traffic simulation can be created.

The course will have the flow of a usual production with assets being passed to and from 3D. John Montgomery johnmont Our new introductory flame course is designed to get artists up and running in the software so they can be confident working on scenes and spots in the app. He eventually transitioned into advertising where he has created, recorded, converted by Web2PDFConvert. Paul has 14 years of Smoke experience and comes from a linear online background. This class will give students the opportunity to be creative, building a graphics package from scratch. Bringing all of this together in the form of style frames which will be the foundation for the ident look, grade and overall feel. He has also been involved with stereoscopic film making for over a decade.

The Beginning, Paycheck and dozens of other feature films. Stand Gesamtprojekt premisre Having spent over a decade feature tracking, Blum will show why planar tracking requires a complete change in the dynamics of how to solve a shot.

Whenever possible, Robson will show more than one way of achieving a goal so that the viewer has options when making models of their own when dealing with complex architectural forms such as the ones found in the cathedral interior of this course. Daniel Smith daniel3D Taught by Daniel Smith, this intermediate cor class builds upon the Nuk course and takes stereoscopic techniques to the next level. We know many of you weren’t part of fxphd back then, so we’re running this repeat from the pr.


By the end, you won’t be just hitting buttons in some prescribed order, but understanding why things are done, how to set up simulation scenes and what the parameters actually mean.

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Tyler is well known for his work in helping the Army’s camera company move to DSLRs and has worked in some of the most rugged and unforgiving environments on Earth. Taking advantage of the technical nature of this collection, we’ve also included some classes on 3D, Virtual Cinematograhy, and rendering with Renderman and Mental Ray. The class will be dealing with a full vfx sequence shot bespoke for the course. Professor and Dean John Montgomery will tackle a wide variety of workflow expressions — ones any artist can use on a daily basis to simply changes to more esoteric, hard core maths which demonstrate both the power and limitations of the feature.

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As well as working in After Effects, working with 3D applications will also be discussed, specifically utilizing Cinema4D for mulitpass renders, After Effects integration and avoiding common gotchas. Also, it would be great to be able to ask questions of my instructor.

Were hoping it makes this course accessible to members who might have taken one of the previous offerings. With that in mind, Tyler Ginter, professor of our Yellowstone DOP course, leads this production-based course which relates his real-world experience working on various jobs in the software.

This year he was heavily involved in the Foundrys stereo Masterclass in London, both directing the shoot and teaching at the event. McEntee has worked on several 3D jobs since the release of the software in April and will be sharing his tips and tricks for working in the third dimension.

Home Documents Info – Www. This course preiere reflect the production reality where you are part of a pipeline. This is a greenscreen project, and we will be distributing all of the shots in the piece as bit RED 1K DPX files, so members will have access to the complete cut for the project.


We’ll discuss and creatively execute the four elements of the soundtrack. These are some of the finest visual effects specialists in the industry with a stunning 5 technical or special Oscars, 24 Oscar nominations and 14 Academy Award wins between them.

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We cover a lot of key techniques and features used on a lot of todays latest feature films and look at a lot of the core knowledge that will be help in every case and allow you to take this knowledge further to apply in your own shots and on actual productions. A majority of his career was spent at Avenue Edit in Chicago where he spent 12 years working with clients such as Disney and Coca-Cola.

As a result, part of being a great editor is also being a great DIT! Matt Leonard mattdleonard Matt Leonard filmaker our Fusion course at fxphd. We’ll start with a general introduction and overview to these types of effects and dynamics in Houdini, and then we’ll complete a simple shot with debris flying into the scene, much like fx work that Lori did on Filjmaker of the Caribbean at Digital Domain.

He has written Vue tutorials for various publications, including 3D World Magazine for which he is a regular contributorand has created many sample scenes for Vue xStream, Infinite and Esprit.

He is also an instructor for Adobe software at Class On Demand. Val will be presenting the class, and Lori will be working with Val behind the scenes to get the material together. This will be the core focus of this course: We’ll also examine what. While the level course gave an overview of the Massive software, this course will cover the pipeline and workflow for setting up a typical Massive shot.

And that’s what this course is about. He will be using Maya during the term, but operations are very similar between 3dsMax and Maya.